Bedroom accessories for your home

John Lewis bedlinen by Sara Miller

Don’t know about you but I’ve had to find a project to work on in my home during lockdown. This is definitely the time to concentrate on other things to stop me worrying and keep me occupied. So you may already know the husband and I are currently working on a master bedroom revamp. Well, the paint has arrived, we’ve sanded everything down and I can only describe this as a work in progress. It’s exciting but there are other parts which are appealing to me far more right now… Yes, it’s thought of buying some bedroom accessories!

Well, we’re keeping our existing furniture. This is because, for one, I like it, and two the likelihood of anything substantial turning up soon, will be slim. So, this means I can concentrate my thoughts on ideas for bedroom accessories. I can really give this space the perfect finishing touches. I’m thinking plants, new furniture handles, bed linen and so much more. But we’ll need to keep to a tight budget for this as we’re using our holiday fund. I know it’s looking highly unlikely that we will have a holiday this year. But it’s good to have something to look forward to. And, I have to say, having a break away will be high on my agenda for 2021. Of course, the more we save now, the better the holiday will be!

Bright bedroom with leaves motif

Houseplants in the bedroom

Did you know that houseplants can improve air quality? So, it makes perfect sense to consider adding some pots of green foliage to a bedroom redesign. In fact, a houseplant will not only look super stylish but some are said (in a NASA study) to help to purify the air. You may also find these bedroom accessories could make you feel less stressed too. In fact, taking care of your plants following a busy day working from home could be just what you need. This way, you can take your mind off everything right now. So, what’s not to like? After all, the bedroom is the best place in which to truly relax and unwind and, ultimately, achieve a better night’s sleep.

Snake plants

The snake plant

At the moment, I’ve got my eye on the snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata) for my bedroom…I hear it can purify the air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. What I also love about this plant is how much you have to water it. In fact, you only have to do so every one or two weeks and it can last for six to eight weeks without water in winter. Well, you can imagine this immediately appeals to me. After all, I get so busy and could easily forget my watering duties! However, it also looks good with a sculptural element, so I think it will work well in our bedroom. Try Patch Plants for these lovely variegated versions.

Now, I really wanted a trailing house plant to add to the look. However, I think I’m going to cheat! Yes, I may well go faux as this way the foliage can’t damage any paintwork or the furniture. But it will still look good cascading from a pot…I won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking it over either!

Which pots to choose

Now’s the time to choose a nice planter. I think this addition can be a great way in which to add style to your bedroom and these days, there are so many varieties to choose from. From metallics to boho baskets, there’s something for everyone. I’m a great fan of mixed metals so I think I may choose gold plant pots to add to my bedroom. For the perfect bedroom accessories, I particularly like the hammered versions with all their delightful imperfections. However, just make sure you choose a design with a diameter which is at least a few cms wider than the actual plant to give it room to breathe. So far, I’ve got my beady eye on these beauties from Audenza. However, they’re sold out right now so I’m going to wait till they come back in stock and hope to snap them up. Buying three of course means I can use some of them elsewhere if I want to and these ones are an absolute bargain!

bedroom accessories wardrobe knurled brass door handles Plank

Replacing wardrobe handles

I have to admit we inherited foil-wrapped, wood veneer, fitted wardrobes in the bedroom when we moved in. So, we needed to add some bedroom accessories to give them a new lease of life. We have already given them a lift with a lick of Farrow & Ball’s Wevet paint. However, it made sense to consider updating this furniture with different handles. So, if you’re tired of your existing cabinets, why not repaint them and replace the handles – this way, you can update your furniture to make it look as good as new.

I think modern handles with a textured finish can be just what’s needed to add some glamour to a master suite. So, I’ve been hunting high and low for knurled handles in brass. I knew they would work well with the existing colour scheme and will complement the planters perfectly. See these gorgeous handles I sourced from Plank Hardware. I would normally consider this colour with a dark blue or even black, but I think you’ll agree it works well in my bedroom design.

John Lewis bedlinen by Sara Miller

Patterned or plain bed linen

This has been a huge dilemma for me as I’ve always gone for pristine white bedlinen. However, I am currently toying with the idea of adding a strong pattern to the master bedroom for a splash of colour. Now, this could completely change the look and will I regret it? Who knows…all I can say is watch this space. I haven’t made up my mind just yet and may wait till everything else is complete. In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this gorgeous bed linen designed by Sara Miller from John Lewis, which may tickle your tastebuds… Last time I looked there was 20% off too!

Wendy Morrison rugs for bedroom accessories

The finishing touches

I think it’s a great idea to consider a new rug – after all, if you’re not using any pattern in the bedroom already, this could be the best chance. From stripes to dot and striking floral patterns, these days there is a rug out there for everyone. If you feel like splashing the cash, try a gorgeous, bespoke design by Wendy Morrison. You can find out more about her in my exclusive interview with her here. Or why not try Madedotcom if you’re sticking to a more affordable budget?

Last but not least, the bedside lighting. If you’re thinking about buying new table lamps, don’t forget to read my blog post here, which features the best buys!