Freestanding baths for the luxury home

Cloud Freestanding Bath Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Now, I’m renowned for my love of showers. In my ultra busy past, I’ve never been known to have a bath. In fact, when I really think about it, when have I had the time to indulge in proper home pampering?! However, after lockdown hit us all back in March, this changed everything. Yes, this was when my love affair with lounging around in the bath began….

If this sounds like you, too, the chances are that you’re discovering not just any tub will do. Enter the freestanding bath. Surely this is the ultimate statement piece for every bathroom? So, I’ve been pouring over a super selection of luxury designs online…In fact, I think the ones I’ve chosen would make bathing so much more than just a quick dip in the tub. Read on and enjoy my ultimate guide to bathing heaven with my pick of favourite statement baths:

Roman baths

Did you know having a bath can help wellbeing? Just think back to the Romans…they loved a good bath to get clean and unwind. They even associated their washing and bathing rituals with socialising. Now, I’m not planning on inviting any of the neighbours to join me in my bath(!). However, what I like about the concept of bathing is that it’s such a great way in which to relax. The bathroom, after all, is the perfect place to retreat to after a busy day working. And this is where I can really wind down my body and mind. I can also think of nothing nicer than filling a bath with warm water and bubbles at this time of the year. You can forget that the nights are drawing in and it’s getting so much colder. Bathing is also a great way in which to cocoon yourself from the outside world.

Heritage Bathrooms Buckingham Cast Iron Bath in blue
For fans of traditional styling, I just love Heritage Bathrooms’ Buckingham cast iron double ended bath, £2,095

Why choose a freestanding bath?

Firstly, if you’re after a show-stopping piece of sanitaryware, there’s no doubt that the freestanding bath is IT. Wherever you place this tub in your home, it will immediately make a strong statement. However, don’t forget you’ll need to take plumbing into account, which may come up through your floor. After all, a true freestanding bath will stand alone without any connection to your walls.

Secondly, if your home is all about style, I think a freestanding bath will instantly look more luxurious. From a practical point of view, you can choose deeper, longer versions to suit you not your wall space. This way, your freestanding bath will allow for a more indulgent soak. The choices range from contemporary to classic, and every style can create a breathtaking centrepiece in your bathroom.

BetteLux bath West One Bathrooms
If you love modern, then you’ll adore this stunning BetteLux oval couture bath, from £7,363, from West One Bathrooms. Shown here in matt black, a variety of colours are available. The body of the bath is made from enamelled titanium steel and the panel features woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric

Freestanding bath styles

Thankfully, there are a whole host of freestanding bath designs to choose from. So, you’re bound to find something to suit you:

Traditional roll-top baths

Look for curved edges at the top with a rounded look and, for the ultimate luxury, I’d choose a double-ended version. This way, you can join your partner in bathing bliss as these are specifically designed for two! This freestanding bath tends to stand on raised feet, which I find adds a more classic charm. It’s also a great way in which to add the illusion of more space with room below the actual tub.

Slipper baths

These tend to be assymetrical as they are raised at one end, which can give you greater support. You can place taps at the other end, so you have plenty of room to fully relax. You can even find more petite versions if you’re struggling for space. And, if you want the best of both worlds, you can always choose a double-ended boat bath.

Modern baths

These designs tend to be fuss-free – think clean lines and modern styling. Their shape will depend on the look you require. So, these can range from curvaceous for a softer look to sleek, angular designs. These work well in a contemporary home where the bath will create a design-led centrepiece.

Cloud Freestanding Bath Waters Baths of Ashbourne
I’m in love with this bathroom scheme – after all, it features two of my favourite colours – calming sage and powder pink. However, the Cloud freestanding bath in natural limestone and quartz composite from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, £2,395, from the Elements collection, completes the look perfectly in the shape of a sea-worn pebble

Bath materials

I think it’s so important to consider the material you choose for your freestanding bath. After all, this can actually impact where you place it. You should also take its durability into account. And think about how long you expect to soak for. Will your tub will keep you feeling toasty for as long as you want it to? So I’ve picked some of the most popular materials for the home:

Cast iron baths

Although this is very hardwearing, cast iron is pretty heavy. So, make sure your builder checks to see if your floor will need reinforcing before you have your tub installed. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of the bath, once you’ve filled it with water, either…Cast iron is a traditional material and, once you’ve run a steaming hot bath, you’ll find it retains heat well.

Copper baths

There is no doubt that copper freestanding baths look absolutely stunning and this material’s renowned for conserving the water temperature so well. A copper bath will also make a great choice if you’re looking for durability as it’s very difficult to damage or scratch.

Copper boat freestanding bath BC Designs
Looking for an ultra hygienic, yet stylish, solution to bathing? The Copper boat bath, £3,780, from BC Designs, not only looks good but it can kill Coronavirus

However what really sets this material apart has got to be its ability to kill Coronavirus in under ten minutes. In fact, copper can eradicate a whole host of nasty bugs from MRSA to Legionnaires’ Disease. With antimicrobial properties, it’s also sustainable as it can be melted down and reused. But don’t confuse this with copper finishes – these, such as lacquers, are unlikely to be antibacterial. Just remember to wax your tub every few weeks as, this way, you’ll retain a shiny, untarnished finish.

Acrylic baths

These are not only cost effective but they feel warm and inviting to the touch. I must admit I love this feature with acrylic. And you can achieve all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes to give your bath a more individual finish. These freestanding baths tend to be lightweight, too, which makes them easy to transport and install. And if you scratch them, you can just have them polished. This surface is non-porous, so you won’t have to worry about germs. You’ll find acrylic keeps in the heat well and it’s easy to maintain, too.

Bisazza Organico freestanding bath
Designed by Spanish artist and industrial designer, Jaime Hayon, this neo-Baroque Bisazza Organico freestanding bath in acrylic, £8,335, from CP Hart is double-width for extra room

Steel baths

This material will certainly stand the test of time as it’s incredibly durable. Its rigid structure means it could make a perfect choice for a family. Steel should also keep water hot for quite some time. You’ll find it’s easy to keep clean with an enamel finish. Steel is generally regarded as a hygienic surface which minimises germs and bacteria. Not a bad choice these days as so many of us are looking at ways in which we can keep our homes feeling cleaner. However, this material can be pretty heavy. And it could chip if you accidentally drop something heavy on it, such as your shower head.

Whichever tub you choose, the most important thing will be to truly enjoy a long, hot bath and savour every single moment. Happy soaking!