Patterned tiles: finding the right style

Bazaar Pattern Multi Ceramic tile RGB patterned tile

There really are some drop-dead gorgeous patterned tiles available these days. I’ve always been a fan as I just love the way in which they can lift a room in an instant! I think they also work well with the period of my home, which is Edwardian. So far, I’ve used them in my cloakroom, hall and utility room to great effect. I think patterned tiles really can lift a room for a sense of glamour and style don’t you? So, I’ve hunted high and low to source some of my favourite designs available now, And you’ll even get to see some of the tiles in my own home. Read on and enjoy!

Patterned tiles in my cloakroom

My cloakroom with yellow towel and patterned tiles
I love my matt porcelain tiles , 18.5 sq cm, called Arthouse Leaf, £48,33 per sq m, and Arthouse Plain White, 18.5 sq cm, £44.81 per sq m, from Porcelain Superstore which you can see in my cloakroom here. These are filled with character as they look deliberately ‘worn’

When the husband and I first first moved into our home, we didn’t even have a cloakroom. So, when we started our kitchen extension and redesign, we decided to add one and reconfigure the downstairs space. So, this would mean I could design the cloakroom from scratch. Using inspiration from a cloakroom design we saw on a visit to the Grand Designs show, we chose Arthouse Leaf tiles from Porcelain Superstore. I wanted to make a real impact in this cloakroom with a fun design, which would wow our guests. This area is windowless too, so without any natural light, the brighter the room, the better. I think this just goes to show how you can be brave with pattern in even the smallest spaces.

Wet room tile style

Lily peacock patterned tiles in the bathroom
Absolutely stunning porcelain lily pad tiles in a matt finish make this wet room look spectacular. Shown here in peacock with a 20 by 23cm format, these slip-resistant tiles cost £69.12 per sq m from Cadogan Stone

Now there’s no doubt in my mind that every bathroom should have patterned tiles. And I really feel the same about wet rooms. One day, when I work my magic on ours, I can’t wait to choose mine. After all, patterned tiles will probably be my first choice, then I plan to build the bathroom design around these. But this is currently a pipe dream as we’re still trying to complete other rooms in our project house first!

Want to know how to use patterned tiles in bathrooms? Using the same style for your floor and walls is a great way in which to make the space you have feel bigger. In a wet room, you can also create a feeling of cohesion within the space. However, when it comes to the floor, you must make sure the tiles you choose are slip resistant. This is a more common feature in porcelain tiles, which also tend to be more durable when compared to, let’s say, ceramic tiles.

Tile patterns

If you shy away from the thought of pattern on a tile, why not consider the way in which you lay the tiles you choose instead? One of the most popular pattern configurations for the home has got to be Herringbone. You’ll just need some subway-style tiles, which always work well in a bathroom or wet room in my mind. Then all you have to do is lay them pointing upwards in a ‘V’ shape to create the effect. Even better, just ask a bathroom designer or tiling expert to arrange this for you!

Wet room with pink tiles in a pattern Victorian Plumbing
These Coleford Rose Pink Chevron effect wall tiles in ceramic, 300 by 75mm , £35.47 per sq m from Victorian Plumbing look super stylish as a backdrop and Kai White Hexagon floor (and wall) tiles in porcelain, 258 by 290mm, £29.87 per sq m, in this stylish wet room design

Splashbacks with patterned tiles

These days, splashbacks featuring patterned tiles cover the entire spectrum from country-style to modern, all with their own appeal. A tiled splashback will not only help to protect your walls from water but it can create a style statement, too. Tiles are easy to wipe clean and you’ll get the chance to experiment with colour and pattern, which can add more interest to a bathroom design. If you like a more rustic touch, try tiling the area behind your basins, leaving bare plaster or use paint to create this effect.

Bert & May and Fired Earth Bolonia collection patterned tiles
Hot off the press! Today marks the launch of a new partnership between Bert & May and Fired Earth. Both brands are renowned for producing beautiful handmade products featuring quality materials, craftsmanship and authenticity. I can reveal that this is one contemporary colour way (blush) featuring natural pigments from their new joint encaustic tiles collection called Bolonia, which is also available in navy. Available from December, Bolonia Tiles in Blush, £175 per sq m, will be available from both both brands and in Fired Earth stores

For a more modern finish in a kitchen, I suggest experimenting with colour and pattern in a tiled splashback. It could certainly create a statement if you choose a strong design. You can always change the look in years to come. And, let’s face it, this will be far easier and less expensive than replacing your kitchen cabinetry. Patterned tiles tend to be a typical choice for the kitchen because they can really lift the look. This also enables you to add your own personal touch to your design and, here, you can really play with pattern and get away with it.

Bazaar Pattern Multi Ceramic tile RGB patterned tile
Aren’t these Ca’ Pietra Bazaar pattern multi tile in ceramic with a gloss finish, 13.2 sq cm, £86.87 per sq m, from Real Stone & Tile utterly gorgeous? They create an instant lift in this stunning kitchen

Patterned tile ideas for feature walls

There’s no doubt that patterned bathroom feature walls can look spectacular in their own right. I think the tiles you choose can really can make or break a scheme, especially if you use them to create a feature wall behind a basin. This style can be crucial to create a successful luxury bathroom space, which is highly functional, too. It’s all about adding depth to your design. And I think this can be a great way in which to express your individuality.

Bert & May Fired Earth patterned tiles
I love these Bert & May at Fired Earth encaustic Alalpardo tiles in Old Iron and Brighton Stone, 20 sq cm, £165 per sq m in this bathroom. These tiles are available to order online from both brands and in Fired Earth stores

Patterned tiles for high traffic areas

I think patterned tiles can be one of the best ways in which to make your hallway more welcoming. They can also hide specs of dirt for those of you who enjoy a good walk come rain or shine. In fact, I need to use this space to remove my muddy walking boots! Tiles make a great choice in this area of your home, because they are hardwearing too. This way, you can be sure they’ll look good for years to come. And they will add interest to your home for every guest who enters (once lockdown is over!).

Hallway patterned tiles in my home
I chose Harrow Grafito matt ceramic tiles, 31.6 sq cm, £29.93 per sq m from Tile Giant to make a style statement in the hallway in our Edwardian home

For my hallway, I chose these tiles from Tile Giant, because they were so cost-effective. I was also looking to create an impact as soon as guests come through our front door. I chose a monochrome effect because I felt it would hide any dirt more easily! They are easy to clean and definitely make a feature in a very narrow space.

Fine dining with patterned tiles

Tiles make the perfect choice for a dining room or area which follows on in an open-plan kitchen scheme. You’ll find they are low maintenance and you could add a rug to add some warmth to your design. I think geometric shapes can look super stylish and will instantly add depth to the look you create.

Indigenous Fes encaustic tile in dining area
Create fine dining with these Indigenous Fes encaustic tiles, which have been handmade using traditional frames and moulds. A mix including natural marble powder, cement and coloured pigments creates the surface pattern, above a sand and cement backing.  Each tile measures 20cm by 20cm and a sealant pre-finish creates an easy care surface. Expect to pay £96 per sq m

Patterned vinyl for your home

In fact, geometric shapes can look incredible in a variety of rooms in the home. Take the bathroom for example. Try luxury vinyl patterned tiles which will repel water and you’ll find they are slip resistant too! In fact, this type is quick to install and easy to keep clean. All you need to do is to add a statement bath to complete the look!

Avenue Floors patterned tiles in the bathroom
Luxury vinyl can make a fabulous option if you’re looking for patterned tiles, which will repel water. I love the Sagres vinyl floor tiles from the Bubblegum & Liquorice collection, from £16 per sq m from Avenue Floors

Paint your own design

If you just can’t find what you’re looking for, why not try painting your own design on plain tiles? I love this idea because this is the best way in which to add a unique finish to your home. I suggest you use a chalk paint. In fact, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ immediately springs to my mind. Her decorative paint is non-toxic and virtually odour-free and it rarely needs any priming or sanding before painting. So, you can create your own design in a jiffy!

Annie Sloan paint your own tiles
This beautiful painted floor features Chalk Paint™ in Antoinette and Barcelona Orange from £5.95 for 120ml. What a great way to add a pop of colour to your home in a design to suit your personal style

If you’re keen to add plants to your interior which will need no water and very little care, check out my blog on how to choose faux plants for your home!

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