Pink bedroom ideas: how to add pink to transform your bedroom

Pink bedroom ideas by Style & Decor blog

According to Lizzo’s song lyrics pink “goes with everything”. And thanks to a certain blockbuster film starring Margot Robbie, ‘Barbie pink’ was pretty much everywhere last year. I think it’s fair to say that Pantone 219C Barbie Pink can be polarising. Much like Marmite, most people either love this hot pink or hate it! Regardless, there’s so much more to pink than this bright magenta shade. In fact, I’m a big fan when it comes to pink bedrooms. I really do think it’s one of the most versatile colours for interiors.

Make room for the adults

There are so many ways to incorporate pink accents into a room scheme. It’s definitely not just for nurseries and little girls’ rooms! Choose the right hue, and introduce it in the right way, and it can transform the look and feel of any space, including an adult’s bedroom. Read on to discover some of my favourite pink bedroom ideas, and how I even converted the husband to embrace the power of pink.

Pink bedroom ideas featuring Style & decor Sarah's bedroom
My fitted wardrobes include a full -length mirror, which I find is a must to check my look before going out. It also helps to bounce more light around this room with the other two mirrors on either side of my bed. As you can see, it picks up the pretty pastel shades on my bed and the feature wall which provides a pleasant reflection with some colour

Pick the right palette

Mention pink bedrooms, and most people immediately think of pink paint. And it’s true that the colour of your bedroom walls is the first and last thing you see, when you wake and go to sleep. Your bedroom design should create a soothing environment that’s conducive to a good night’s sleep. So, it’s time to rethink pink and prioritise a calming colour scheme. I chose a subtle dusky pink for my walls (Peignoir by Farrow & Ball). It’s super stylish but doesn’t overwhelm the room. This pink has a sophisticated grey undertone, with varying shades depending on the time of day. I’ve basically used it as a contemporary neutral, which will complement a range of other shades and textures.

One of the pillows in Sarah's bedroom
My hotel-style Lexington 300TC Organic Cotton Sateen White Two Line duvet cover with a button hem finish, sheet and matching pillowcases from The Fine Cotton Company (TFCC) feature embroidered satin stitch detailing. The look is super smart and the fabric feels beautifully smooth as it’s woven from a slightly thicker yarn than you’d find on the high street. I love its superior quality, which is why you’ll find TFCC bed linen in hotels all around the world

Pink bedroom ideas for wall glamour

Your pink bedroom should be restful – but that doesn’t mean it also has to be bland and boring. Most of the other rooms in my home are filled with colour. So I thought hard about how to incorporate some personality into my bedroom ideas too. Eventually I decided to use pink in my new feature wall using patterned wallpaper from Emma J Shipley.

patterned wallpaper in Sarah's bedroom
Choosing a strong statement wall, which incorporates pink within its design has instantly tied in the look I wanted to achieve in my master bedroom. I handpicked Rousseau wallpaper in Jungle by Emma J Shipley in collaboration with Clarke & Clarke. I love the pinks (of course!), blues and greens in this design, which includes small birds and creatures, peacock feather and foliage. I’m also a huge fan of nature and the feeling of being outdoors, so I felt this design was perfect for me

Adding the right headboard to your contemporary bedroom

The best place for bolder, brighter colours in the bedroom is behind the head of your bed. Anything in this location won’t distract you while you’re trying to fall asleep. So, this is the best space for a feature wall. Green and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations and I’m also rather partial to blue. This is why I fell in love with the patterns and shades of the Rousseau in Jungle wallpaper design. It features a deeper shade of pink than my walls – but in suitably small doses! It also complements the shade of my new velvet headboard.

headboard in Sarah's bedroom
My new 5FT King Plush Panel Upholstered Headboard in Duck Egg, with a luxurious velvety feel, from Everest brings out similar colours in the feature wallpaper and adds an extra dimension to my bedroom design with a pretty colour contrast to the white cotton sheets and dusky pink throw

Soft furnishings

If you’re not completely sure whether a pink bedroom is for you, why not test the waters – stylistically speaking – with some soft furnishings? They are a great way to layer different shades of pink and add plenty of style. For example, I have introduced pink in my bedroom via the curtains, the cushions and my bedding.

Bedding in Sarah's bedroom
Adding a pink throw to your bed can provide a versatile way in which to introduce this colour to your bedroom. It will be less expensive than investing in bed linen in this shade and you can always swap yours with a blanket in another colour or use yours as a base layer topped with another blanket in a different colour in cooler weather

 Introduce pink accents

My advice would be to start with a pink throw. It’s such a low-risk, budget-friendly way to dip your toe into the pink bedrooms trend. A pale pink shade looks fresh and modern against crisp white sheets. I chose a plain but textured version, as I didn’t want my bed to ‘compete’ with my feature wall. But, if you’ve kept your walls plain, you could opt for a pretty pink patterned throw instead, to make your room really ‘pop’.

Madison throw in bedding in Style & Decor's bedroom
My Madison throw provides a colourful contrast against my pristine white Lexington cotton bed linen from The Fine Cotton Company. I chose a textured throw because this adds more visual interest, breaking up the smooth surface of my cotton duvet cover and pillowcases and providing a contrast with my wooden furniture

 Rethink pink with pattern

I always try not to be too ‘matchy-matchy’, but combining patterns or accents in the same shades will help to pull your pink bedroom design together. I might have kept my throw plain, but I paired it with some playful Flamingo velvet scatter cushions from Elizabeth Scarlett. And I do love a cushion or two! They deliver a cost-effective instant room refresh and always make a space feel more cosy and inviting. The green tones beautifully with my feature wall and plants, while the pink perfectly complements my walls and throw.

Pink curtains in pink bedroom
My velvet curtains touch the floor to add a cosy, yet practical, finish in my bedroom. It’s still easy to vacuum around them and they add another tone of pink, which blends well with one of the pinks you can see on my reversible Cascade Bourgeon Christian Lacroix cushion. I picked double pinch pleat at the top for a more decorative option and I love all the decorative folds

Vibing for velvet in pink bedrooms

The best pink bedroom ideas showcase a variety of fabrics and textures but how can you make the perfect choice? I absolutely adore velvet, for many different reasons. First and foremost, it’s so wonderfully tactile. Velvet is soft, smooth, sophisticated and comfortable. It’s very versatile too, and can be used for lots of different interior design applications, including scatter cushions, upholstered furniture, blinds and curtains. I also love how luxurious velvet looks and feels – and the fact that it’s surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

Pink bedroom with curtains
I love velvet – and it’s the perfect material to choose for your home if you’ve got cats because they don’t like the feel of the fabric if they try to sink their claws in. So, this is why I chose floor-length curtains and an accent chair in this fabric. It’s also beautifully tactile (for humans!), durable and easy to clean

Blush pink curtain ideas 

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new, floor-length Darcia Velvet Rose curtains from Hillarys. As with my walls, I didn’t want to choose an overpowering shade of pink. This colour works so well with the rest of the room, especially the walls and the throw.

I still can’t quite believe how transformative a new pair of curtains can be. Of course, your bedroom curtains aren’t just about the aesthetics. High-quality curtains like these ones from Hillarys can help to prevent heat escaping via your windows; this is vital if you’re trying to save money on your energy bills! And velvet curtains can help to prevent unwanted light coming into your bedroom, so you sleep better for longer. And did you know that if you suffer from allergies and/or hay fever, this fabric can even help prevent dust and exterior allergens from entering your space?

Bedside tables in pink bedroom
Here, my gorgeous new, floor-length Darcia Velvet Rose curtains from Hillarys are extremely tactile and add warmth against the cool grey pink tones of the Farrow & Ball Peignoir Modern Emulsion paint on my walls

Light and shade

Hillarys offer a wide range of window treatments, which I took full advantage of during my pink bedroom makeover. I’m a very light sleeper who’s easily disturbed. So I decided to pair my velvet curtains with blackout lining – and what a difference they make, especially since the clocks have gone forward!

Blackout lining on curtains for bedroom ideas
I picked blackout lined curtains, which have been measured and fitted perfectly to minimise light coming through. Choosing this style also helps this room to feel more cosy

I picked blackout lined curtains, which have been expertly measured and fitted perfectly to minimise light coming through. Where blackout blinds are concerned, made-to-measure is most definitely the best.

Pink bedroom ideas with blush pink
I love my sheer voile Roman blinds from Hillarys. I chose their Echo White Voile Roman blinds because they still allow light to filter through in the daytime. They also provide a more stylish, modern option than net curtains

In addition to sleep, privacy is also very important to me. But I find net curtains so unattractive and old-fashioned. Luckily, Hillarys’ Voile Roman blinds are the perfect contemporary alternative. They provide all the privacy I need, even when my curtains are wide open in order to allow daylight in.

Roman blinds next to natural wood painted window frames
I tend to position my Roman blinds so they are not fully open. You can see the folds in the material at the top which looks stylish and this layers the look at my bedroom windows. The off-white colour works well with our wooden window frames and uPVC windows; I wish the latter were originals! The blinds also provide a subtle contrast with the dusky pink curtains

These blinds are available in a gorgeous range of colours, including a pretty powder pink. But, as I’d chosen pink curtains, I decided a different colour would work better. The off-white shade doesn’t compete with the velvet, and also tones nicely with my window woodwork, ceiling and bedroom carpet.

Cool neutrals on blinds in pink bedroom
On a really bright sunny day, I will close my blinds fully. This can help take any glare off the room when sunlight tries to flood in. They also provide plenty of privacy in the daytime if I need to get changed or want to spend time relaxing here

Plant love

I’m a super keen gardener, and since moving into our project house the husband and I have lavished a lot of TLC on our garden. But I enjoy plenty of greenery indoors too. So I have made sure that houseplants also play a role in my pink bedroom design ideas. You could choose a plant with a pink flower, or source a pink plant pot – or both! I chose a pink Anthurium Laceleaf house plant to add a darker pink accent to my room scheme. But I’ve balanced it with a paler, more delicate shade of pink for its container.

Example of bedside tables in Sarah's bedroom
My pink Anthurium Laceleaf house plant provides a richer, darker shade of pink in this corner of my bedroom. I love this plant because it’s pretty low maintenance (I have enough to do in my garden!). The flowers are long-lasting too – they can remain for weeks or even months. Their colour blends in well with the pink tones in my wallpaper and I’ve chosen a different tone called Delicate Pink for my Vibes Round pot from Elho for a slight contrast

If you’re not blessed with green fingers, don’t panic. Where plants are concerned, fake can be fabulous. Faux plants are also a great compromise if you have pets, as many common houseplants are toxic if consumed.

Certain plants can also be very needy in terms of time, attention, growing conditions etc. After unintentionally killing off a series of real orchids (I forget to water them), I have added an extra touch of pink to my bedroom with a faux one.

Dressing table:chest of drawers in Sarah's bedroom
My Blooming Artificial faux Vanda orchid adds more shades of pink to this corner of my bedroom. I love the pink and green colour combo and I think it works well in this display on my wood furniture

Pink bedroom accessories

No round-up of pink bedroom ideas would be complete with mentioning accessories. They are such a fast, easy win. Candles, rugs, shelving, storage, artwork, photo frames, books, mirrors and lighting can all be used to introduce a touch of pink to your decor.

Circular shelf creates a focal point in Sarah's bedroom
My circular shelf is positioned above a long radiator. This provides the perfect place to add some pastels to my wall décor

Lastly, don’t forget your furniture hardware. This doesn’t need to be pink, of course. But updating handles, knobs and curtain poles with metals and materials that complement the shade really will add the right finishing touches to your pink bedroom design. I think gold, rose gold and brass work best.

Ultra contemporary accents of gold in pink bedroom
I picked antique brass curtain poles with ball finials to add a more decorative finish to my pink bedroom. These pick up the gold accents in the rest of this room from the knurled brass on the wardrobe handles to the chest of drawers and green velvet chair

AD: This blog is part of a paid-for collaboration with Hillarys, the curtain and blind specialist. I also showcase gifted products from The Fine Cotton Company and other brands mentioned on previous blogs