Statement wallpaper in the home

statement wallpaper with pink chair and blue sofa

There’s no doubt that statement wallpaper is a key trend in luxury interiors for 2020. And, as we become more adventurous in the home, you’ll find the latest wall coverings reflect this down to a tee. So, follow my expert guide for those who won’t shy away from wallpaper with the wow factor.

Wallpaper over the years

When the husband and I moved into our renovation project, a few years ago, our home was covered in wallpaper in the hall, landing, on the stairs and in the living room. However, it had lost its colour as it had been there for 20 years or so. But thankfully, these days, wallpaper style has moved on in leaps and bounds! So far, we’ve managed to replace it and we’ve even added a striking new statement wallpaper design to our cloakroom.

Statement wallpaper today

It seems statement wallpaper has had a renaissance, in part due to the availability of cutting-edge printing techniques and exciting finishes. Also, we’re all becoming braver, which enables the possibilities for statement wallpaper at home to be huge. This trend is all about injecting some personality into your home and I’m all for it! Of course, you get to choose where you might want to place it – perhaps you want to create a statement cloakroom or a boudoir to relax in?

Biophilic design

Wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds for 2020. So, it seems many of the latest, bold wallpapers have been designed to reflect this, featuring biophilic design principles. From elements of the natural world from plants to foliage, this statement wallpaper style gives you the chance to feel more connected with nature. You’ll be able to refresh your home with confidence in the knowledge that you’re promoting wellbeing, health and productivity. Little Greene’s new National Trust papers collection, which launched just last month, provides a perfect example of biophilic design. There are seven contemporary wallpaper designs which, I hear, are based on original papers from the National Trust’s property portfolio (I actually joined the National Trust with the husband at Christmas). However, my favourite is Achillea Aurora, which was a small border design from Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk – this is actually on my bucket list of places to visit this year. How exciting! Anyway, the style is Art Nouveau, featuring five colour ways, showcasing silhouetted stems and flower-heads of yarrow. I can’t think of anything more peaceful!

Chinoiserie chic

Well, Chinoiserie statement wallpaper is back for 2020 and it looks like Rebel Walls is leading the way. They have collaborated with artist and Chinoiserie expert Diane Hill who has created this beautiful mural called Chinoiserie Chic. Don’t you think the citrus trees, exotic birds and swirling butterflies are just beautiful?  The good news is you can scale it up or down, making this wall covering extra versatile. Want a little bit of history? Well, Chinoiserie actually dates back to the 17th Century and tends to feature floral designs, birds, pagodas and more. Originally, they were hand-drawn and created using watercolours which gave them a soft, muted finish.

The power of pink

If you’re a big fan of maximalism, then this statement wallpaper could be just for you. Featuring a bespoke pink flamingo bird pattern, Blush is one of the latest designs by Murals Wallpaper. You can take your pick in terms of where you want to place it, but I’d suggest using this in a living room, bedroom or bathroom. This will suit you if you like bold interior design as this pattern is so striking. I think it will instantly add depth and tone to your walls, too. I just love the eye-catching pink, coral, salmon and peach tones. And flamingos are just so beautiful!

Architecture and design

Another key feature in statement wallpaper for 2020 is the simple design with arts and crafts influence. In fact, Mini Moderns Bauhaus wallpaper collection encompasses this perfectly and it’s one of my favourite ranges. This style celebrates 100 years of the Bauhaus and symbols from the Bauhaus movement – the circle, triangle and square. If you know a little bit about architecture, you may have heard of Walter Gropius. He’s the one who founded the Bauhaus School and is renowned as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. I’ve chosen this sample in deep green (in fact it’s aptly named Douglas Fir) because this colour’s going to be so popular this year.

Bathroom bliss

Gone are the days when wallpaper in the bathroom was a no-no! Thank goodness, you can now find water-resistant statement wallpaper, which will not only look great but stand the test of time. I must admit I rather like a nautical element, when it comes to the bathroom. So the Flow Black statement wallpaper from Graham & Brown gets my vote instantly. This also demonstrates how you can tie in the colour of your wallpaper with the colour of your bath too. So, you see, the possibilities can be endless.

Marble murals

I don’t know why, but there’s some sort of inherent beauty about marble which always gets me excited. So, it makes perfect sense for me to gravitate towards this beautiful bespoke marble mural design. Created by  German designer and illustrator Natascha Maksimovic, I love the fact that these designs are hand printed using the traditional Japanese Art of Suminagashi. So, you’ll find every roll is unique! Are you excited?! You should be! As a result, there will be no pattern repeats as Nat Maks creates individual rolls of ‘paintings’. I love this statement wallpaper idea and think this enables you to really express yourself with a unique wall display in your home.

Marble and metallics

Yes, I’m a huge fan of marble. So, I just love the Gramercy Ivory Metallic wallpaper from Maison Margot. This delicious design is decidedly opulent with gorgeous gold detailing between the green and ivory marble shades. The wallpaper’s washable and it’s been printed using eco-friendly inks, which immediately give it the thumbs up from me.

Creative collage wallpaper

I couldn’t possibly miss a collection from French fashion designer Christian Lacroix from my wallpaper favourites for 2020 could I?! So, this absolute beauty from Designers Guild features statement wallpaper in a wonderful collage. I think you’ll agree it’s stunning – just check out the myriad of memorabilia and ceramic plates on this classic toile with a twist. The plates almost look three dimensional and this incredible design called Folie Myrtille will certainly give your home the wow factor!

Bedroom heaven

Last, but by no means least, let’s shout out to the lovely lot at Rockett St George! Just look at this Mind The Gap Royal Garden statement wallpaper. They tell me this is one of their latest designs and don’t you just love it? This paper is all about bringing the outside in, which I’m more than ready for with Spring on the way…I hope?! This tropical wallpaper looks more like a piece of art with colourful birds of paradise, blooming branches and gorgeously dark undertones. It has been printed on English cotton pile velvet, which makes this even more luxurious for me. I’d probably choose this to create the ultimate boudoir. What do you think?

Have you discovered the latest interior design trends for 2020 yet? You can read all about them on my blog here!