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7 European cities to visit in 2020

European cities to visit tourist visiting Spain

Many people are now choosing to replace their traditional week-long holidays with a number of weekend city breaks. And with good reason! On top of getting to see more of the world, city breaks can divide up the year into more manageable chunks. Unsure of which European cities to visit? Well, I have picked some…

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Suffolk Fashion Show highlights

Suffolk Fashion Show lead shot showing Cake and Catwalk

Autumn’s already here, and don’t I know it, as it’s feeling oh-so chilly outdoors. In fact, this cooler weather should provide the perfect excuse for updating this year’s wardrobe, don’t you think?! So, with this in mind, surely the Suffolk Fashion Show is the one event you should have on your radar. You can even help raise…

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15 mins with…Asimina Kourouni of Tailor Your Holiday

Pilates classes workshop on a beach

Asimina Kourouni is the co-founder of Tailor Your Holiday, an independent company that creates bespoke holidays, and wellbeing and Pilates retreats. I find out how her love affair with Pilates started, and discover more about her holistic approach to all aspects of life.

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The rise of vegan skincare

vegan skincare Organic Cosmetic Ingredients

The rise of veganism is no longer limited to all things culinary. In fact, in recent years, a huge range of vegan cosmetics has joined cruelty-free beauty products. According to NPD, sales of vegan prestige beauty products grew by +38% in the UK, during the period February 2017-January 2018. That figure seems set to rise,…

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Eco-friendly cleaning products for your home

eco friendly cleaning products woman with kitchen sponge and a bottle of detergent doing yoga

There’s no doubt that now we’re all taking note and deciding to be more green. After all, the need to protect our planet for future generations has never been more important. But, aside from thinking about the chemicals in our food and skincare, have you considered the nasty ingredients inside your cleaning cupboard? So I…

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15 mins with…Dr C B Tocca at Lighthouse Dental Practice

local dentist Woman having teeth examined at dentists

Everyone loves a bright while smile. So I sit down with local dentist Dr Tocca of the Lighthouse Dental Practice in Suffolk, to discuss the importance of good dental health and how to choose a great local dentist that offers treatment tailored to your needs.     

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How to look younger: Six of the best treatments this summer

how to look younger summer beach body

At last, summer’s here. That means longer days, lighter nights – and a few new-season aesthetic treatments to help you look and feel great. The colder weather has already taken its toll on skin, often leaving it dull, dry and prone to blemishes however. And the cuisine you enjoy in cooler months can also lead…

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15 mins with… Michael Perry AKA Mr Plant Geek

tv gardeners interview with Mr Plant Geek extracts of herbs in small bottles. Selective focus.

I catch up with the marvellous Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek. Michael has been obsessed with plants for over 30 years, and is responsible for introducing hundreds of new varieties into the UK. In this exclusive interview, he tells me all about his favourite plants, his Plant Based Podcast – and how…

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