Best buys: bedside table lamps

Valery table lamp Sweetpea and Willow

In the bedroom, I think it’s so important to get the lighting right and choosing your bedside table lamps can make all the difference. So, I’ve come up with my best buys so you can consider the bedside table lamps you choose carefully before you buy. This way, you should find the right bedroom lighting solutions to suit your individual needs, which will not only look super stylish but be practical, too.

Anglepoise original mini 1227 bedside table lamp

Now Anglepoise® has always been a firm favourite when it comes to lighting in the home. After all, it’s vintage and I grew up with this beautiful brand in the parents’ home. So, I love the Original Mini 1227™ bedside table lamps. With a classic shade, these mini ceramic table lamps come in four colour ways – jet black, linen white, pure white and dove grey. This style has been tailor-made for reading too with a beautiful bone china shade, which turns translucent when the lamp is switched on. So what’s not to like? Expect to pay £125 per lamp.

How to illuminate your bedroom

When you think that you spend a third of your life in the bedroom, lighting should have an important part to play. After all, this is the space where you’ll sleep, read, perhaps apply your make-up and get dressed. However, this is where you’ll find you carry out certain tasks in different zones so the the purpose of your lighting may differ greatly in different areas of your room. I tend to find a mix of ambient and task lighting can work so well in the bedroom. However, when it comes to bedside table lamps, you’ll need to consider their purpose.

Luxdeco Elsie bedside table lamp

I love sculptural bedside table lamps so when I saw these gorgeous bedside table lamps from Luxdeco, these had to be included in my best buys. The Kate Spade Elsie table lamp features warm neutrals and beautiful curved lines with a spherical form in painted glass taken from mid-century style inspiration. This elegant design has warm brass accents in line with the trend for metallics in the home and you can choose between a cream or black linen shade. This is priced at £455.

What are your needs?

Your bed and the area around this should make you feel completely relaxed. After all, this is where you will be retreating from everyday living so anything which can help to produce a good night’s sleep should be a must. So soft, ambient lighting could provide the perfect solution.

Perch and Parrow Mona table lamp for the bedroom

If you’re looking for utterly stylish bedside table lamps, then perhaps you’ll look no further now you’ve seen the Mona table lamp in brushed gold from Perch & Parrow. I love this design and what makes it even more special for me is that, with an 18cm diameter, it won’t take up too much room on your bedside table. The golden metallic design on the base just adds to the elegance of this lamp, which you can snap up for £85.

How to choose your light bulbs

Warm white light bulbs could be key in this room. The good news you can use this type of lighting for reading too – simply choose a bulb with higher lumens. Now, if you prefer a more clinical look in your bedroom, a cool white bulb may suit you better. Of course, you’ll find that the bulb you choose will alter the lighting effect, if you choose bedside table lamps with shades.

Pooky wisteria bedside table lamp

I think there’s something decidedly special about Pooky’s regular wisteria table lamp, thanks to its simple design. With a nickel and clear glass base, you can take your pick from more than 100 shades. So, you’ll find something to suit your bedroom design in an instant. I like the fact this also allows you to add your own personal touch to these bedside table lamps, too. This one shown is from interior design studio @laurengilberthorpe via Pooky and the shade they’ve chosen looks so pretty. Expect to pay £174 without the shade.

Where to locate bedroom table lamps

I tend to place bedroom table lamps on either side of the bed, as this instantly creates a feeling of symmetry. However, you could always add one on your dressing table too, if there’s room. Having your bedside table lamps close by means you and your partner can easily read a book before you sleep, enjoy a little light as you watch television or even switch it on to nip to the loo in the middle of the night. Don’t you just hate it when you wake up like that?!

Valery table lamp Sweetpea and Willow

When I saw the Valery table lamp from Sweetpea & Willow, I instantly fell head over heels in love with it. After all, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how much I adore marble. So this beautiful bedside table lamp with a stunning, circular white marble insert caught my eye instantly. Just look at the luxurious antique finish too – this will definitely add some glamour to your bedroom, don’t you agree?

Choosing your type

This all depends on your needs but you may be looking for more focussed task lights or perhaps statement pieces with shades. The key is to create the right kind of light, which will suit your needs and make a stylish addition to your bedroom, too.

Biblio bedside table lamp in white Loaf

Now if industrial chic is more your thing, I think you’ll absolutely love Loaf’s Biblio table lamp in white. Featuring an innovative wing nut, you can use this to adjust the angle of your light to make reading a breeze. This bedside table lamp comes with an adjustable head and stem, and you’ll find it has been hand-welded by master craftsmen for an exquisite finish. If you’ve got your eye on this beauty, you’ll need £145 to buy.

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