Double sofa beds: best buys

Burwell 2 seater double sofa bed

A double sofa bed could be the answer to your prayers…That is if you’re looking for one piece of furniture, which can offer you a brilliant’s night’s sleep and the perfect place to perch. I think this seating and sleeping arrangement really can offer the best of both worlds in a guest bedroom, especially where space may be tight. However, getting a good night’s sleep and enjoying the comfort of lounging around on your double sofa bed may be more tricky than you realise. So, sit back and relax, while I peruse the best models you can buy right now to furnish your home with comfort and style:

My guest bedroom

The husband and I live in a narrow Edwardian home, which means space really does come at a premium. During Lockdown one, we had so much time on our hands that we cleared our cramped guest bedroom. This included an old John Lewis bed we had had for 15 years. It was comfy but I felt it just took up too much room. It went to a good home – a student who had just bought a flat in Leeds and he was looking for some furniture to kit it out. So, back to our guest bedroom… As the husband and I haven’t invited weekend guests to stay these past few years thanks to the pandemic, we haven’t got round to refurnishing this spare room till now. So, I’m currently on the hunt for a super-comfy double sofa bed…

double sofa bed from
Check out the Bluebell Sofa bed from showcased here in olive cotton matt velvet – apparently, it’s their bestseller and a decent sized double so what more is there to want? This timeless design comes with a lifetime guarantee and features oak legs on bronze castors, measures 172cmW by 95cmH and 233cmD when fully open. The mattress measures 10cmD and this model is priced from £1,325

Buying British

These days, I’m trying to be more aware of where my furniture comes from, which is why I am considering a British manufacturer. Not only does this industry have a history spanning hundreds of years, but I believe there has never been a better time to buy British. I’ve currently got my eye on a company called Made To Last, which makes double sofa beds, among other pieces of furniture and accessories. So, I asked their director Joel Chudleigh to explain some of the benefits when buying British: ”At Made to Last, our core focus is to provide our customers with the best value for money products – ones that are priced fairly and that last a very long time. We want to help transition to a sustainable way of living and stop the wastage caused by poorly made products that use inferior materials and need replacing frequently. 

“Cheap products are not cheap in the long term as they need to be replaced, so they actually provide poor value for money – our focus is on providing long-term real value for money. Our upholstery products are all manufactured in our factories in Wiltshire and Sussex which allows us to develop close working relationships with the craftspeople that make them and ensure that the quality is excellent.”

Double sofa bed types


This double sofa bed style is traditional and, if you choose a spring-loaded mattress, it should be ultra comfy, keep its shape and not sag over a period of time. The style is relatively easy to open and close, too – you simply pull the mattress frame forward to open the bed.

Burwell 2 Seater Sofabed Lifestyle open
Made To Last’s sofa beds are handmade in the UK using traditional skills and designed to be just as comfortable for sleeping and sitting. You’ll find they come with a 15-year (or more) frame guarantee and you can even choose a pocket-sprung mattress (certainly my preferred option although all their mattresses measure a super-comfy 14cmD). Their Burwell three-seater sofa bed (currently £1,088.91 in their sale) is available with 80 fabric choices, with a minimum rub count of 30,000, and I particularly like this Placido Powder Pink velvet finish. This model measures 91cmH by 230cmD by 178cmW when open


I have one of these double sofa beds in my studio – not that I have any plans to sleep there any time soon, although sometimes I feel like it..! This has been useful in different rooms in our homes over the years, although the style we have is pretty narrow…I’d describe it as a small double sofa bed. It’s super firm, which tends to be the case for any sofa bed compared to a sofa. However, I find firm is great to sit on and relax with clients in my studio.

I wouldn’t want to sleep on my particular sofa bed (it’s one from John Lewis and is no longer available, but you can find similar here), especially as we’re used to the comfort of a king size bed in our master bedroom. Generally speaking though, these sorts of sofa beds are so easy to operate, which is the beauty of a click-clack style and you can buy wider versions.

Swyft double sofa bed
Swyft are the pioneers of the sofa in a box so you no longer have to worry whether your sofa can fit through that tight doorway! Their delivery times are also super-fast (24 hours), which makes this an ideal buy if you need your double sofa bed pronto. With a simple click-clack design, when open you’ll find the Model 04 three-seater, £1,995, shown here in teal measures a roomy 86cmH by 94cmD and 208cmW

How will you use yours?

Think about how you plan to use your double sofa bed. The husband and I are looking for a model, which will look super-stylish in our recently painted guest bedroom. We will, after all, spend a little time sitting here and relaxing, as we plan to transform this room into an additional cosy reception area on the first floor. I do still require an additional sleeping space, so I also want to make sure our guests can be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. I think comfort coupled with style should be key. And if you’re considering a double sofa bed, which will stand up to the rigours of daily use, the quality of the upholstery will be important.

Measuring your double sofa bed

I’m loving this Turmeric colour-way on The Rebel three-seater double sofa bed by Snug. Made with 100% vegan and spill-resistant fabrics, this is a self-assembly sofa bed (flat-pack in a box). So, it will fit into tight spaces and you can put it together simply without using tools. Measuring 225cmL by 206cmW by 90cmH when open, this model features a 10cm pocket-sprung and foam mattress and costs £1,839

It may sound obvious, but you’ll need to measure the double sofa bed you like to make sure it will fit well, especially when it’s open. Your guests will want some room to manoeuvre themselves around the bed too. So, leave plenty of space either side if you can. Our guest bedroom is compact so I plan to make do; as long as our guests can sleep well, that’s got to be one of my end goals! Don’t forget to measure the actual mattress size either – sometimes small doubles really will feel too small to sleep two comfortably.

Consider the mattress type

There are a variety to choose from but I do think comfort should play a major role. A pocket sprung mattress will instantly feel more firm and luxurious. You also won’t have to worry about meeting your partner in the middle of the bed all night! Memory foam can make a great choice, however if you get too warm, this won’t be the mattress for you. But it will mould to your body, which will give you plenty of support as you sleep.

Top tip: I tend to use a mattress topper on a sofa bed for additional comfort

Choosing the style

Of course, style will be important – I want my double sofa bed to look good and perform just as well. When it comes to shape, you’ll find there are a lot to choose from, from classic to modern. However, you’ll want to choose something which ties in with your overall scheme.

Picking a finish for your double sofa bed

I’m showcasing velvet double sofa beds on this blog; if you have pets who enjoying scratching, this finish really is your best bet. Pickle and Leo, our rescue cats, won’t touch our other sofas in our home because we deliberately chose velvet finishes. Basically, cats really don’t enjoy sinking their claws into this fabric. So, this means you no longer have to worry about plucks in your new furniture! I also feel velvet looks so luxurious. Made from silk, wool or man-made fabrics, like polyester, it’s durable and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. I also love the texture of velvet; it’s super-soft with great depth, which can instantly lift the look in a room.

With 89 fabric choices, Loaf’s Pudding double sofa bed is available in two sizes, costs from £1,895, and is handmade to order in the UK. You can ask for removable covers as an added extra and their coil-sprung mattresses measure 12cmD and are made from cotton felt and foam. You can even order a matching footstool to add to the look! Showcased here in Spiced Orange clever velvet with a super-impressive 100,000 rub count for extra durability, I love this pop of colour

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