How to choose bedroom rugs for a super-stylish home

Wendy Morrison Design bedroom rugs in wool and tencel

If there’s one element you simply shouldn’t ignore in a bedroom makeover, it’s making sure you choose a rug. After all, this space not only needs to feel ultra-cosy underfoot but it should look super-stylish, too. Whether the design is for your master or perhaps a guest bedroom, I think the same ‘style rules’ tend to apply. In fact, I’m currently on the hunt for a special rug for my guest bedroom. So, read my top tips on what to look for and see some of my favourite rugs to make a more informed decision before you buy:

Bedroom rugs: big is beautiful

Firstly, you need to consider exactly what you want from your bedroom. The chances are you’ll be looking to create a peaceful retreat; somewhere to relax and unwind, which will facilitate a good night’s sleep. If you choose the right style, your bedroom rug will instantly add a sense of opulence and texture. And I think there’s nothing nicer than stepping out of bed and feeling a cosy rug beneath your toes.

Alpaca bedroom rug by The Rug Company
If you’re looking to sink your toes into exceptionally soft fleece every time you set foot outside your bed, then this Alpaca bedroom rug is for you. The Rug Company has used wool from this small species of llama to form a stunning rug for those who are looking for delightful decadence underfoot. Expect to pay from £1,853 for a 1.83m x 1.22m – you can even choose a bespoke option!

My guest bedroom

For my guest bedroom, I’m thinking big could be best. I love the idea of a ‘wall-to-wall’ bedroom rug. After all, this can make the bedroom feel even more cosy. However, this can also help to lower sound levels below. This is important to me because our open-plan kitchen is directly below our guest bedroom. So, when we’re entertaining and our guests want to retreat, they’ll require peace and quiet. And I don’t blame them as I’m highly likely to be downstairs loading the dishwasher. The husband is always telling me I make so much noise whenever I’m loading or unloading..! And I like the idea of placing a rug over carpet in our guest bedroom. After all, it will create more insulation and instantly look plush, too.

Bedroom ideas

I’ve currently got my eye on a bespoke wool rug with viscose accents and a super-cosy 11mm pile from MM Interiors. They are a family-run business, which offers a fully custom interior design and project management experience, ranging from one room transformations to multiple properties. You can see the actual bedroom rug I’m interested in below. However, I’m looking at an emerald green version for a modern finish to my guest bedroom. After all, green is one of my favourite colourways! Produced by a rug specialist in India, I hear they use traditional manufacturing and production techniques to create a high quality finish.

Itala Santos, the director at MM Interiors, says: “We are happy to help bring your vision for your home to life. We take a personal approach to design consultation and can work closely to cater for your needs, transforming interiors. In a guest bedroom, you’ll be looking for comfortable surroundings, which a luxury rug will instantly provide. You could also consider bedside tables, statement artwork to adorn the walls and a cabinet to help to transform this room into a practical, super-stylish, cosier space.”

Morpheus White wool bedroom rugs
The Morpheus rug from MM Interiors is certainly a statement piece, and it comes in four colour ways, including green, which certainly appeals to me. I love this bold design , which will instantly boost the style credentials in my guest bedroom! I’m thinking of a 200cm x 300cm version, priced £610. This should cover most of the floor area in our guest bedroom

Material matters for bedroom rugs

From natural to synthetic fibres, there are also sorts of different types of rugs available including these I’ve listed for you:-

Wool rugs

This type of rug can be handwoven, hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand-loomed. This means these versions (you can also buy machine-made which will be more affordable) tend to be pricier due to the fact they are made, quite literally, by hand. As a result, you should benefit from a very high-quality finish. If you’re considering bedroom rugs, this type could be perfect, as they’re durable, too. The lanolin in the wool makes them highly stain-resistant, which is a superb benefit. You may not need to clean them too often either, because dust tends to cling inside the wool fibres.

Wendy Morrison Design bedroom rugs in wool and tencel
Wendy Morrison Design’s striking Jardin de Orient in green and gold is a hand-tufted rug with a 13mm pile. Sizes start from 233cmL x 152cmW and prices start from £895. This design was inspired by Wendy’s earlier Secret Garden design and features a striking gold frame for a traditional Chinoiserie twist. I think it would be perfect for a bedroom and this rug has a green wool base with gold floral silhouettes and bright colourful birds in tencel

Bedroom rugs in wool also tend to perform well when you place heavy furniture on them. When you move a heavy piece of furniture, you wont have to worry about pile compression. Wool is also hypoallergenic, which is great for a guest bedroom if friends and family suffer from allergies. These fibres also tend to retain their colour and wool rugs are sustainable, too.

Hand-knotting or hand-tufting?

Hand-knotting is a rug-making technique, which has been handed down through generations via expert craftsmen. The yarn is literally wrapped then knotted around each warp thread (the horizontal yarns which run vertically across the horizontal frame bars on the loom) by hand. The finish is achieved by hand-cutting and tamping and hand-knotting is highly skilled, bespoke work. Other ways in which to make wool rugs include hand-tufting. This is less labour intensive and does not require the skills of an artisan craftsman so these tend to be less expensive.

Silk rugs

More pricy than wool, these fibres are ultra luxurious with a lustrous sheen. This more delicate style could work well for a bedroom runner perhaps, because this area is likely to experience less traffic than other rooms in your home. The costs can be high as the silk is usually harvested from insect larvae, such as silkworms. You can imagine you’ll need to use a lot of them to make a bedroom rug. However, 100% silk rugs tend to be used to decorate walls as statement pieces, so these could be smaller in size. I think a silk rug would look fantastic on a bedroom wall.

You may find a silk blend bedroom rug will suit your floor better. The base of the rug tends to be made from wool while the pattern on the rug’s surface is made from silk. They will be less pricey than a 100% silk version, easier to keep clean if you’re using yours on a floor and can still achieve a similar aesthetic.

Upcycled plastic

Fathom Soteria AV bedroom rugs
Quality with a conscience: This rug is absolute luxury – you can choose a combination of LuxuryEco Upcycled, anti-viral and anti-allergy fibres to create this rug from the Matthew Wailes SoteriaAV collection. So, this is not only beneficial to the environment but also for those who want to feel safe and and allergy-free in the bedroom. This particular design is called Fathom and you can choose from hundreds of colours to suit all manner of schemes. Prices start from £3,000 and you’ll have to ask your interior designer, architect or decorator to source this for you as they deal directly with trade only

Bespoke rugs, which feature synthetic fibres, have moved on in leaps and bounds. One of my clients at Christchurch Creative, Matthew Wailes, is a leading Chelsea-based rug and carpet specialist. They have embraced this trend with sustainability in mind. All their bespoke handmade rugs are custom woven by highly-skilled artisans using the best quality raw materials. However, they also reuse discarded plastic bottles from the ocean in Thailand. These are transformed to create a higher quality, unique fibre for use in their eco-friendly bespoke rug design.

This is an innovative method of upcycling and Matthew explains: “The plastic bottles we recover convert into chip form. We then spin these in Thailand to produce spools of yarn. This upcycled yarn then becomes a substitute for other fibres, such as silk or mercerised cotton. As a result, this sustainable thread is long-lasting, repels water, and is stain- and mildew-resistant. In addition, it’s even flame-retardant and feels velvety soft.”

Choosing the colour & pattern

The colour of the bedroom rug you are considering will set the tone in the entire room, so choose carefully. Also, pattern could have a big part to play . For example, if you’ve chosen plain walls and furniture, then I think a colourful, patterned bedroom rug could look beautiful. However, if you’ve already got plenty of patterns within your design, why not tone them down with a plain or neutral-coloured rug? If you love maximalist vibes, then you can really mix things up. I suggest you break up different patterns between blocks of colour. Think about whether you’re looking for a rug which will blend in or contrast with your design. The key is to balance everything in the bedroom.

Katie Persian Bidjar bedroom rug
This striking KATIE Persian Bidjar rug from Lilla Rugs immediately adds a striking touch to this neutral bedroom scheme. Woven by Kurds in Gerus and Afsha areas in Iran, these are unique as they use two wefts instead of one. The result is a relatively heavy, extremely durable wool rug (with a cotton warp). This costs from £7,000 for a 306 x 230cm version

Caring & maintenance

I must admit the opportunity to buy a rug, which you can throw into a washing machine, is certainly appealing. Probably not as necessary for a guest bedroom, but l still love the idea. I hear this concept was the brainchild of Jeneva Bell at Ruggable and it features a lightweight, washable rug cover, which you can throw into your appliance. You’ll find it comes with a non-slip pad underneath and you simply peel the two apart, place the cover in your washing machine and you can enjoy a freshly washed rug! I think this is such a great idea if you have pets…

Ruggable Jonathan Adler washable bedroom rugs
This washable work of art, from £99 (60cm x 90cm), is by one of my favourite American designers – Jonathan Adler! This bedroom rug is called Op Art and this showcases a charcoal and off-white geometric design. It’s available in a round or rectangular version. Just bear in that a 245 x 305cm rug (the second biggest size, £549) will only fit into a 10kg+ washing machine

These rug pads are made from recycled polyester and thermoplastic rubber, which is a latex-free synthetic material you may find in a yoga mat. Meanwhile, I haven’t been able to find anything about the material the actual rugs are made from! The look like they are thin – but then they would need to be to fit into a washing machine. They have also collaborated with interior designer Jonathan Adler for one collection, which is a big plus point in my mind.

I hope my guide has helped you consider all your options when you buy your next bedroom rug! And, of course, I’ll let you know when I’ve chosen mine for my guest bedroom.

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