Pink bedroom ideas

pink and grey bedroom by Buro2D interior designer Arina Zamorina

Now, if you ask me if I’m a ‘pink’ person, I tend to think carefully before I answer. But that would be because I’ll be thinking of a certain colour and I’m definitely not a fan of ‘Barbie pink’. Instead, I sway towards the more sophisticated pinks out there, which I absolutely love. So, this is why I have decided to use a tone of this colour in my new bedroom scheme. I must admit this new home renovation project has come about this quickly as a result of lockdown. Well, what else were we going to spend our holiday savings on? It seems now is the perfect time to do it. After all, we’re all spending so much more time in our homes. Regardless, it’s going to be incredibly satisfying to see the finished results. Can you believe I’ve been wanting to work on this room ever since we moved in two and a half years ago? So, if you’re considering revamping your bedroom, why not look at the colour pink on your walls? It you’re still wondering how this could work in your home, read my guide on pink bedroom ideas for grown-ups.

Pink bedroom ideas with Blush pink walls designer Meredith Steinhart Photo Stephen Kirlisch
Credit: Designer Meredith Steinhart. Photo: Stephen Kirlisch

The colour pink

Once reserved for little girls’ rooms, pink bedroom ideas have moved on in leaps and bounds. In fact, you can definitely find the right pink for you, from deep fuchsia shades to powder blush. There’s no doubt that pink on walls can work with so many other colours and it can offer romantic appeal, making this ideal for the bedroom. Blush pink is already a firm favourite on the catwalk. In fact, the husband’s got some gorgeous pink ties and stylish shirts and I’ve got blouses and jumpers in pink, which I love. Anyway, why shouldn’t this colour work for everyone? I really think the key is to forget the ‘Barbie look’ and simply choose the right tones, which will work for you in a grown-up space. This colour is incredibly versatile so it can provide you with a huge selection of pink bedroom ideas. So, for example, you could consider introducing elements from a pink headboard or furniture to pink paint or wallpaper.

pink bedroom ideas Parisian bedroom by Tamra Coviello by Blackdoor design
Credit: Parisian bedroom by Tamra Coviello by Blackdoor Design

Choosing the paint

Choosing the right paint can be a minefield, especially at the moment while so many retail outlets remain closed. And if you’ve found THE colour and prefer to colour-match, you can try Valspar or Johnstone’s. However, I found these services weren’t open when when I was looking.

Why not consider whether you’re looking for warmer or cooler tones for your pink bedroom ideas? Also, consult your other half – which shade will both you and your partner prefer? After all, you’ve both got to sleep in this room. Think about using contrasting colours in your space too as this will help to break up an expanse of colour.

Colour choices

This week, you may have heard my live chat on bedroom design on Instagram with leading London interior designer Cinzia Moretti of Moretti Interior Design. And when it comes to colour choices and pink bedroom ideas, Cinzia explained the importance of choosing your colour carefully. She said: “Remember that both you and your partner will be going to sleep and waking up in this room and the colour of your walls will be the first and last thing you will see.” Wise words from a colour expert!

Peignoir paint pink bedroom ideas from Apartment Therapy
Credit: Katy Cartland’s bedroom has been painted in Farrow & Ball’s Peignoir as seen in Apartment Therapy

Which pink did I choose?

Firstly, I looked at a number of pink bedroom ideas online to help me come to a decision on the right colour. Since this, I’ve now chosen a soothing colour way called Peignoir by Farrow & Ball. This is such a pretty colour, which creates a very soft pink shade with hints of grey. What do you think? Farrow & Ball describes it perfectly: “This grey pink has a romantic feel inspired by the chiffon gowns in which ladies traditionally brushed their hair. Created by giving the softest of pinks a big dose of grey, Peignoir has a unique depth which brings walls to life. It works perfectly in homes both old and new with any of our Contemporary Neutrals, or with Brassica and Pelt.” And I’ve got to admit I love it!

Colour combos

When it comes to pink bedroom ideas, it’s worth thinking about colour combinations. In my bedroom, I’m planning on using Peignoir with Farrow & Ball’s Wevet. Why you may ask? Well, Wevet is a delicate white with a hint of grey, which means it will make a subtle contrast with the pink-grey tones in Peignoir. I’m also planning on using this shade on the picture rails and ceiling to open up the room.

I think there are a number of colour variations you can use to add depth and interest to your bedroom. I’m considering adding gold accents to my master bedroom, whether this will be on furniture handles or lighting. As you can see, gold can work beautifully in a master bedroom like this one from A Beautiful Mess.

Furniture choices

While we’re in lockdown, installing new furniture is not an option. Anyway, I really like our John Lewis kingsize bed, as it’s just so comfortable. With a sizeable grey headboard, which matches our bespoke, fully-lined grey curtains, we’ve already got plenty of grey going on in this room. So, if you’re planning on ordering new furniture, which will arrive once lockdown is over, why not consider grey or neutrals, even white in your design? We’ve actually also got white gloss furniture from Madedotcom, which adds a distinctly modern touch to this room. Let’s not forget fitted furniture, if you’ve got it. We inherited a large fitted wardrobe, when we moved in – this is foil-wrapped MDF veneer – so we plan to paint this in another colour…just watch this space! Once painted, you can simply add new handles to complete the look you want to achieve.

pink and grey bedroom by Buro2D interior designer Arina Zamorina
Credit: Pink and grey bedroom by Buro2Design by Arina Zamorina

So, if you’re looking for a sophisticated bedroom scheme, it may be time to think pink for a scheme you’ll both love for years to come.