How to get a good night’s sleep…bedroom design ideas


Do you find it hard to gently drift off to sleep and feel fully rested the next morning? If so, have you thought the design of your bedroom may play a key role in this? A good night’s sleep tends to help to improve brain performance and enhance your mood.I recently spoke to Lisa Artis, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity who tells me: “Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of human life. It is part of our everyday cycle, so it’s no surprise that how we sleep impacts our health and wellbeing, with an average of 12,045 days or 33 years spent in bed! Like nutrition and exercise, sleep is a vital pillar of our wellbeing; we need a good night’s sleep to ensure our minds and bodies are fit and functioning.”

If you’re middle-aged and older, recent research also suggests not having enough sleep could be detrimental to your health. This is according to a University College London study, which revealed that less than five hours’ sleep a night in mid-to-late life can increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions. Lisa adds: “Poor sleep is a common problem, affecting millions of people globally. Prolonged sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, make decision-making more difficult and increase the likelihood of more mistakes, shorter tempers and slower reflexes.”

So, whatever age you are, maybe now is the best time to consider introducing some key changes to your sleeping environment. My new bedroom design ideas guide could be perfect for this. It gives you everything you need to consider to create a soothing environment, which should instantly induce more shut-eye. I’ve even added some useful little extras, from a must-have eye mask to the best ear plugs, to help soothe you gently into slumber:

bedroom decor ideas - my master bedroom
I sleep incredibly well in our bedroom these days

Choosing your bed size to sleep better

In your bedroom, your bed size will play an important role in how to get a good night’s sleep. And I think bigger is better. I invested in a king-size bed for my master bedroom some years ago. In fact, since this, the husband and I have never looked back. All the fighting for bed space is long gone, however we still cuddle up when we want to! And, if you’ve got the room (sadly we haven’t) , why not invest in a super king-size bed? It will instantly feel like you’re lounging around in a luxury boutique hotel, so what’s not to like?

So, even if your bedroom is fairly compact, if you can squeeze in a king-size, I suggest you do. After all, the more space you have in bed, the more comfortable you’re going to feel. Pair your bed with a large over-sized headboard for a sophisticated finish and to create a focal point. You can then dress the remaining space with less obvious pieces of furniture. Think built-in wardrobes to clear any clutter and matching bedside tables for neat, symmetrical styling.

My king-size bed for bedroom decor ideas
My king-size bed came from John Lewis and we chose an over-sized headboard for a more sumptuous finish

How to get a good night’s sleep with the right mattress

Investing in a good quality mattress is vital, if you want to benefit from good sleep. And, if you haven’t changed yours for seven years or more, now is the time to replace it. However, you’ll need to choose your mattress wisely, which I discovered when I wanted to upgrade ours in our home.

Embracing the beauty of bamboo

How to get a good nights sleep with the right mattress 1
AD: I absolutely love my bamboo mattress, which costs £1,390, from Panda London – from the natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties to being super-comfy, both the husband and I agree this has been a fantastic find as we have never slept better. Use SweetDreams code on their website now to get 10% off everything from mattresses to bedding!

I’m a huge fan of sustainability, so I was looking for something, which was made from natural materials. This is when I discovered my bamboo mattress and, since our first night’s uninterrupted, super-cosy sleep (and all the others, which have followed), I’ve never looked back. Bamboo fabric harnesses natural antibacterial properties and it’s hypoallergenic, too. Comfort-wise, this incredible mattress has literally transformed the way in which I (and the husband) sleep. I must admit I wasn’t sure whether we would notice the difference, but I can tell you our bamboo version makes sleeping an absolute dream.

My Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

Detail of bamboo mattress for how to get a good nights sleep
Don’t you just love the Panda detailing? With a zip-off plush bamboo cover, it’s easy to remove and wash

In terms of what makes my new Hybrid Bamboo Mattress from Panda London so special, I think it’s the clever combo of mattress layers. Starting at the bottom with an anti-slip layer on the base, the comfort base above this helps to distribute your weight evenly. However, it has also been specifically designed to absorb movement for years of comfort and support. The multi-zonal springs are also something else – this mattress features seven zones of full-size, individually enclosed premium pocket springs. The comfort factor is amazing and they even reduce motion transfer. I’m told this is helping me to achieve a fully supported sleep without any disturbance from the husband whatsoever. With unique motion control, up to 1500 ultra-responsive pocket springs work silently with orthopapedic visco-foam (OrthoAlign FoamTM). So, I’m now benefitting from fully restorative, restful night’s sleeps.

Temperature matters

King-size bamboo mattress is ideal for how to get a good night's sleep
This is a king-size mattress, which is vegan friendly as Panda London protects animals and their natural habitats by sourcing bamboo from approved forests

The likelihood of temperature increases exceeding 40C in a given year now is rapidly increasing, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). So, I wanted a mattress, which may be able to help me on those stifling hot nights we’ve now had to come to expect as standard during British summertime. If you’re looking for a temperature regulating mattress, the Hybrid Bamboo Mattress could be one for you, too. With a top layer of Panda London’s signature BioCell FoamTM, this revolutionary development breathes as you sleep, so your body temperature will be regulated for a refreshing night’s sleep. I’m really looking forward to benefitting from this, this summer, you can imagine! This mattress even comes with a zip-up machine-washable bamboo cover – moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial, what more could you wish for? When you want to clean the mattress, simply use a household steamer on the surface.

Cost-cutting ideas

If you don’t have the spare cash to splash out on a new mattress right now, thanks to the cost-of-living crisis, you could consider snapping up a mattress topper instead. This way, you’ll instantly add cushioning, whether you require a softer or firmer finish. This protective layer can also extend the life of your mattress , because it can prevent dust and dirt from penetrating it. So, you can benefit from a fresh, clean bed for longer.

Pillow talk

PIllows for how to get a good nights sleep
Do you have one pillow or two?

There’s no doubt the pillow you choose is important – I even confess to taking my pillow to hotels and on holiday (!) in order to ensure I get a better night’s sleep. It’s all about keeping your head, neck and body aligned during sleep and relieving pressure. This sort of support is vital and you’ll find the pillow you choose will come down to personal comfort.

How do you sleep? If you sleep on your back a lot, you’ll need a pillow, which will support your neck’s natural curvature. So, thin and flat is best, which is what the husband prefers. However, I’m a side sleeper so, for me, I need to maintain my neck’s alignment. So, if this describes your sleeping pattern, I suggest you consider a contoured pillow, which is firm, too. Make sure the fabric you choose is breathable and always use a pillow cover because this will protect it and prolong its lifespan.

How to get a good night’s sleep with your bedding

High quality bed linen will allow you to enjoy a restful sleep so look for hypoallergenic, breathable fabric. Perfect for allergy and eczema sufferers, these sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases will also prevent you from overheating in the summer and keep you feeling cosy in winter. So far, I’ve found my super-silky 100% bamboo bedding from Panda London offers excellent temperature regulation and it soothes my skin – it’s seriously gorgeous. With a 320-thread count (this is equivalent to a 1,200 cotton thread-count) this bed linen seriously surpasses Egyptian cotton in terms of quality coupled with softness.

Bamboo bedding design in my bedroom
AD: I’m loving the silky feel of this bedding – it’s so luxurious and seriously soft. I chose a complete bedding set in Pure White. Don’t forget you can get 10% off everything when you use my special code SweeDreams at Panda London’s checkout

Eco-friendly credentials

This eco-friendly fabric is biodegradable and it has been designed to feel softer after every wash and, I can tell you, it really works! The bedding is completely sustainable and organically grown so it’s good to know I’m helping to protect the planet too. I’m putting my anti-bacterial Pure White bedding on a cold machine wash each time and I tumble dry it on the low setting too. I also love the attention to detailing with the gorgeous handcrafted buttons from raw bamboo. I hear the bamboo is all sourced from sustainable forests and no harmful chemicals are used to dye the bed linen.

How to get a good nights sleep with the right bedding
I’m a huge fan of these gorgeous handcrafted buttons from raw bamboo

Blackout curtains for sleeping heaven

Fully lined bespoke curtains
I used a local curtain maker, who is sadly no longer in business, to make my bespoke curtains for me

Whether blinds or curtains (or both) are your thing, blackout versions will be the best way forward. These will instantly enable you to fall asleep faster and stay that way for longer. And, of course, if you don’t get enough sleep your wellbeing will inevitably suffer. In fact, sleep deprivation can also lead to stress and depression. In my bedroom, my curtains are bespoke – fully-lined with a thermal layer, these feature blackout fabric on the reverse. Although I do have blinds, too, these are daylight versions, which are easy to pull down if I’m not feeling well and am resting in bed.

Lisa at The Sleep Charity adds: “Blackout curtains and sparse decoration in the bedroom can help to create a calming sleep environment. Selecting the right interior design choices, such as using pastel or muted decor colours also helps with the onset of sleep and can have a calming effect on the brain.”

Going green

Faux plants in the bedroom for how to get a good nights sleep
Both pots, Vibes fold planters, and plants are from Blooming Artificial. The Foxtail Grass, left, costs £18 and the Dandelion Grass was £69 and sadly no longer available

Apart from the eco-friendly aspects of bedroom design, I also love being surrounded by plants in my bedroom hence my love of going green. It really does help to improve my wellbeing. Unfortunately, we can’t have real plants in our home because we have two cats who love chewing them (and most real plants are toxic). So, I’ve gone for the next best thing in my room with faux versions, most of which are from Blooming Artificial. I also don’t have to worry about killing these plants and they look all year round! I find they instantly help to improve the look and feel of the room; in fact, they have transformed my bedroom into a sanctuary. They also help to induce a good night’s sleep – I can enjoy the view from my bed before I switch off the lights and close my eyes.

View from the bed on how to get a good night's sleep
This is one of our views from the bed with a couple of faux plants on the chest of drawers. Hopefully, we may get the chance to replace the carpet we inherited in this room one day!

Of course, if you don’t have pets who chew, real houseplants are a must. Whether you’re looking for plants, which will purify the air and increase oxygen levels or those with a relaxing scent, there are plenty to choose from. The scent from jasmine can lead to a more restful sleep. Meanwhile, aloe vera and snake plants release oxygen at night, which helps to improve air quality.

Faux plants by the bed for how to get a good nights sleep
I chose Artificial oriental bamboo, £58, and Zebra grass, £14, from Blooming Artificial with a selection of their pots to instantly add more greenery to the master bedroom

Creative calming ideas

Although decoration is a matter of personal taste, a calming colour scheme can do wonders for a good night’s sleep. You could instead choose a bold colour or wallpaper pattern behind the head of your bed. So, this won’t distract you when you’re trying to fall asleep. The same applies to the headboard – you could choose a bold, patterned fabric, which will instantly add interest to your bedroom.

Bedding ideas for how to get a good nights sleep
AD: These cushions, £50 each (sadly no longer available), are from Elizabeth Scarlett and the Madison Cotton Throw, £150 is from The Fine Cotton Company

Layering your bed with a bedcover and plumped up cushions will add a decorative element and make your master bedroom feel cosy, too. I’ve recently changed my bed cover from an emerald green to a blush pink design from The Fine Cotton Company, to add a lighter touch to my bedroom so it feels ready for spring/summer.

Scents in the bedroom

Olverum pillow mist spray for how to get a good nights sleep
AD: The scent from Olverum’s Pillow Mist Spray, £26.50, instantly adds a beauty treat to my bedroom ritual

You can set a more relaxing mood in your master bedroom in an instant with a luxurious scent. My favourite is the Restful Sleep Pillow Mist spray from Olverum. Created from a unique blend of soothing essential oils, this adds everything to my bedroom ritual. The fragrance is utterly soothing and nurtures restorative sleep. You spray two pumps onto your pillow, (at a 30cm distance) which envelopes it in a fine mist. Thanks to the bespoke combination of oils from Bergamot to eliminate tension through to hypnotic Roman chamomile oil to maintain and extend a period of deep rest, these all help to relax your mind, body and soul. I use their bath oil too whenever I have a bath before bedtime and I highly recommend it.

Olverum Founder, Dominic Hawksley, says: “Pillow mists employ an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to calm the mind and relax the body during the transition from wakefulness to sleep. Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist uniquely goes one step further. It selects essential oils that work in synergy with the initial sleep cycle to mirror and enhance each stage as the fragrance develops, easing you in to a deep and restful slumber.”

Ever tried cannabis?

If you struggle to sleep well, have you ever tried medical cannabis? I was recently invited to sample Cannaray’s CBD Night-time Oil Drops in Soothing Peppermint. Based in the UK, Claudia Winkleman is Cannaray’s brand ambassador. In fact, I hear she’s also rather partial to a bedtime pipette of this Night-time CNB Oil. I now use mine quite regularly, in particular when I’ve got a lot on and I want to switch off, unwind and have a great night’s sleep. They are simple to use too – just shake the bottle, make up to a full pipette then put it directly under your tongue for 90 seconds. This enables the drops to fully absorb and I tend to do this just before my head hits the pillow for a blissful night’s sleep.

Eye mask for how to get a good night's sleep
AD: My Bamboo Eye Mask in Eclipse Black, £19.95, from Panda London shuts out all ambient light and feels super-light and soft

Now, the version I use is available on its own but it also comes in a handy Bedtime Bundle. I heard about this brand through Panda London who have collaborated with them to offer a silky Bamboo eye mask. In Eclipse Black, this naturally hypoallergenic mask is super-soft, you forget you’re wearing it. I’ve already used mine at a recent stay at an Air BnB without blackout curtains, and I plan to always take it with me on overnight trips.

Cannary treatment for how to get a good night's sleep
AD: My Bedtime Bundle CBD kit, £60 from Cannaray, has been an absolute dream to use at bedtime

Alleviating noise pollution

If you’re having to deal with noisy neighbours, ear plugs could certainly help you achieve a restful night’s sleep. However, it has taken me decades to actually find a pair, which truly works. After some extensive research, I eventually came across Bollsen. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t but I certainly wish I had sooner. For me, noise issues started a year ago from builders playing loud music in a nearby garden. This does not only affect our lives but also a number of our poor neighbours, some of whom are retired. So, I started hunting high and low for something, which would help to block the builders out. Then, I could concentrate better and relax in our garden again.

I came across Bollsen and now I occasionally use these earplugs at night to sleep soundly. You literally can’t hear anything, which would disturb your sleep. If your other half snores (mine does on the odd occasion), these help to block it out. And the good news is you can still hear your alarm in the morning. I chose the Life+ with AR Tech. You can use your smart phone and take a photo of your left and right ear then upload it. Bollsen will then send you soft medical silicone earplugs which will fit you like a glove. You can reuse them up to 100 times so they last. I absolutely love their intense noise reduction. I have seriously never found anything quite like these and, just to be clear, this is not a paid-for AD.

These days, I actually look forward to getting a good night’s sleep every evening. I hope my bedroom design ideas and handy tips will also help you…

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AD: Huge thanks to the following brands for collaborating with me: Panda London, The Fine Cotton Company, Olverum and Cannaray.