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I have to hold my hands up that I’m obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep. If I don’t achieve my 8.5 hours, it sometimes feels like my day is over before it has even begun! The husband on the other hand can easily ‘get away with’ just 5 hours if he has to. And, believe me, he does from time to time as he’s a key worker – albeit not working in the NHS. Anyway, I’m always thinking about ways in which to get the best night’s sleep I can. As a result, I’ve come to realise luxury bed linen should be high on my wish-list. After all, what better way to achieve sweet dreams than with high quality sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover? So, follow my guide on some my favourite buys for the luxury bedroom this season.

Sleep and wellbeing

Did you know, if you’re not sleeping well, this can be serious? As we tend to spend one third of our lives in bed, it makes sense that the quality of sleep we achieve will impact on our mental and physical health one way or another. In fact, lack of sleep can contribute to a whole host of issues from excess weight gain to prolonging illness. The NHS states that poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions. They say these include obesity, heart disease, diabetes and this can shorten your life expectancy.

Luxury bed linen for the perfect sanctuary

Luxury bedroom with pink and green theme
Don’t you just love this colour scheme? If I choose coloured, luxury bed linen for any of my bedrooms in my home, this pretty colourway will probably be on my wish-list. You can buy similar from John Lewis & Partners. Their blush pink 100% linen costs £60 for four standard pillowcases and £90 for a king-size duvet cover. Fitted sheets come separately. It’s machine washable at 40°C

I think it’s so important to create the right ambience with bed linen in your master bedroom, whichever material you choose. And you’ll be pleased to hear, there are a whole host of options available to you these days. I’m thinking luxurious Mulberry silk and fresh linen to sumptuous sateen and voluptuous velvet… After all, we spend much of our time between the sheets. So, it makes sense to invest in the best bed linen you can.

High thread count

It’s great to get down to basics with the term ‘thread count’. A common misconception is that if the thread count is high, then the bed linen is automatically good quality. If you’ve always thought this, you’re certainly not alone – in fact, I believed this too. However, that’s a myth! The truth is that thread count refers to the actual number of horizontal and vertical threads, which make the weave of the fabric. So, what we should all be looking at, for luxury bed linen, is the quality of those actual threads. Quality can cover all sorts of things – if you’re looking for breathability, cotton is going to be better than polyester. In addition, softness and comfort will come down to which type of yarn is used. The processes and finishes, which have been used on the fabric you choose, will all affect the quality.

Luxury bed linen ideas I’m considering

Luxury bed linen from Tielle Love Luxury
Love the hotel luxe look? Then this Classic Hotel 300tc bed linen set made with 100% high-grade cotton from Tielle Love Luxury might suit you perfectly. For a king-size bed, prices are £154 for a duvet cover, fitted sheet and four embroidered standard pillowcases. For interior designers working in the luxury hotel industry, look at Tradelinens (Tielle Love Luxury is their online retail branch). This bedlinen can be washed at 60°C

Now, I’m currently looking at luxury bed linen for our master bedroom. I have got my eye on one set with a 600 tc. I’ve already explained why this doesn’t mean it’s high quality. So, I’m checking it’s made with the highest fine raw materials, too. I’ve chosen a look for our master bedroom, which is more boutique hotel. Regular readers will know, I can’t wait for the big reveal… And one of the last things I’m considering is how to make the right luxury bed linen choice. This is while I wait for one piece of wall art to arrive which, I’m promised, will be any day now!

In light of the current pandemic, I want to wash my bedding at 60°C. It makes sense as I know this is the lowest temperature you should use to clean fabrics, which will actually kill bacteria, such as Coronavirus. I feel this will make me feel more confident I’m living in a cleaner home! I’m also thinking about the finish – I rather like the idea of a silky sheen – the sort of luxury bed linen you would expect to find in a 5-star hotel. So, I think there are plenty of things to consider in order to make a more informed choice.

Sumptuous sateen

If you love the idea of softness and quality rolled into one, then I think you’ll love sateen. This fabric is made using a satin weave structure with spun yarns, rather than filament. It’s this structure which produces the sheen and makes it feel so soft to touch. In short, this material feels like satin, without such a hefty price tag. I personally love the silky feel and luxurious sheen and it works just as well, whatever the season. So, you can expect to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. You’ll find it’s hypoallergenic, which puts it instantly on my radar. After all, I come from a family where allergies are the norm. This finish is, for me, all about hotel quality. And I love a night in a good boutique hotel (or at least I used to, once upon a time).

How to create a luxury bedroom

I spoke to Robert Lancaster-Gaye, the director at Tielle Love Luxury, about the best way in which to create a luxury bedroom. He says: “Keep bedding white and add pattern, texture and colour in your accent cushions and a stylish throw. Patterned bedding can make a room feel busy and cluttered, and date quickly. Colour-rich linen can also fade in the wash.”

He adds: “High quality white bedlinen is the go-to look for five-star hotels. Timelessly stylish and oozing serenity, white bed linen provides the perfect backdrop to any other hues or textures in the room. Above all, I recommend bed linen that’s made of 100% high-grade long-staple cotton. Quality 100% cotton bedding will have a direct effect on how long your bedding will last. Yarn made from long staple cotton will produce light, soft and long-lasting sheets. It is not only breathable and soft, but it also has superior strength over poly-cotton or polyester alternatives.”

luxury bed linen from Tielle Love Luxury
I just love the look of the Smooth & Silky 600tc bedlinen set made with 100% high-grade cotton from Tielle Love Luxury. It’s priced at £275 for a king-size duvet cover, a fitted sheet and four embroidered pillowcases. This bed linen is woven to a specific sateen and meticulously finished to achieve a distinctive polished sheen. This bedlinen can be washed at 60°C

Marvellous Mulberry silk

Yes, I’m being precise here in terms of type, but there’s a reason. Mulberry silk tends to be more refined than others. So, you can benefit from a fabric, which is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. It’s also incredibly soft and you’ll find it will adapt to all weathers. But don’t just take my word for it…

The White Company has embraced this with what they describe as their ‘most indulgent bed linen yet’. In fact, Mark Winstanley, the chief creative officer, explains: “Our limited-edition Mulberry silk collection celebrates our 25-year heritage of crafting impeccably beautiful and high-quality products – a journey that started with bedding.”

However, Mark also offers this expert advice: “The ultimate luxury bed linen, silk is not only renowned for its ability to help hair and skin retain their moisture, but is thought to help prevent wrinkles, too. Mulberry Silk is especially known for its excellent strength, naturally hypoallergenic properties and temperature regulating abilities. Silky-smooth to touch, this superior bed linen is a sumptuous addition to a master bedroom. It feels simply heavenly to sleep beneath.” Indeed, anything, which may help to prevent wrinkles, gets an immediate thumbs-up from me!

Couldn’t you just dive into this gorgeous bed right now? Featuring the Audley Pure Silk bed linen collection from The White Company, expect to pay £580 for the king-size duvet cover, £70 for one Oxford standard pillowcase, £80 for one large square pillowcase and £325 for the flat sheet. I hear it’s machine-washableprobably 40°C

Linen luxury

The first thing that always springs to my mind when it comes to linen is that you don’t have to iron it. Yes, the crumpled look is even more in vogue this year. So, this could mean less boring chores for you! And I’m really not a big fan when it comes to ironing. However, this fabric does have other benefits too. It tends to be durable, breathable and hypoallergenic. You’ll also find it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and it’s eco-friendly. This luxury bed linen is a sustainable fabric, which is made from fibres from the flax plant. In fact, this plant has been used to make linen for more than 6,000 years all over the world.

I find linen can be so versatile. For example, you don’t have to stick to the same colourway for a uniform look in the bedroom. Instead, why not mix things up a little with a tonal or contrasting palette? I think this fabric tends to wear well and it actually looks better with age, too. If you’re looking for a more Bohemian style in your bedroom, this could be the luxury bed linen for you.

Top tip: The more you wash this type of luxury bed linen, the softer it will feel!

Charlie Marshall, Loaf’s founder says: “We really love linens for the bedroom. The natural fibres keep you cool in summer, warm in the winter and they look great. Our Lazy Linen bed linen is a real winner, coming in an easy-to-live-with palette including White, Duck Egg, Light Grey, Dusty Pink and Nutmeg shades. Best of all, our linens have that relaxed, crushed look which makes them totally fuss-free, no ironing needed!”

I’m loving the candy pinks on this Lazy Linen from Loaf! I hate ironing too (the worst chore ever for me) so I love the idea that you don’t have to bother. There are actually eight colours to choose from. Pillowcases cost £40 for a pair, a king-size duvet cover is £155 and a king-size fitted sheet is £90. It’s machine-washable at 40°C

Voluptuous velvet luxury bed linen

You already know how much I love a velvet sofa as it will instantly add an air of opulence to any home. So why not embrace the trend with luxury bed linen to match? Yes, you heard me! If you’re looking for a velvet finish in your boudoir, you’re probably thinking of a statement chair or upholstered headboard and bed frame. But you can buy luxury bed linen, which will enable you to take this trend one stage further.

I think the key is to choose one colourway, however you can be more adventurous with the finish. I’ve seen some gorgeous quilted versions, which will add a feeling of cosiness and they look super elegant, too. The French Bedroom Company has literally just launched a new quilted velvet luxury bed linen collection, called Amortie, which may float your boat.

Top tip: Choose a design with velvet on one side and fully breathable cotton on the other for more versatility.

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco period, The French Bedroom Company has just released this luxury bed linen set called Amortie. Featuring quilted velvet leaves on the top side of the duvet cover, this is finished with 100% breathable cotton on the reverse underneath. It’s machine washable at 40°C too. This is so hot off the press, expect around 4-5 weeks for availability. It costs £120 for the king-size set and I love the emerald green!

I hope this has given you all the inspiration you need to find luxury bed linen which will really suit you and the style of your home!

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