Statement mirrors for your home

LYSHIA mirror Dars Lighting

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” Pretty much everyone is familiar with this famous question from Snow White, asked by The Evil Queen. Mirrors tend to be associated with the way you look and feel and I’ve been on the hunt for one or two for my home. I can tell you I haven’t come across any magic models yet – but I have been admiring all sorts of different types of looking glasses, in my quest to source some new statement mirrors for my home. Specifically, I’ve been trying to find the perfect piece for my guest bedroom. After months of fruitless browsing, my lovely client Origins Living gifted me this gorgeous Docklands Round Mirror in Brushed Brass. It’s absolutely perfect for the space in question, and I can’t wait to show you all what it looks like once we’ve hung it!

Origins Living's Docklands round statement mirror 80cm in brushed brass

A slightly smaller version of this Docklands Round Mirror, 80cms dia, from Origins Living will soon deliver the finishing touch to my guest room. I love its on-trend, uncluttered look. This mirror collection is also available in hexagon, round and rectangular shapes, a variety of sizes, plus a selection of different finishes

What are statement mirrors?

I was very grateful for all the assistance provided by my Christchurch Creative client, Origins Living co-founder and creative director Sofia Charalambous. Because, even with all of my interiors/makeover experience, finding the right statement mirrors isn’t always easy!

Mirrors are, first and foremost, a functional affair. Full-length versions are invaluable in bedrooms and/or hallways. They allow us to check ourselves, top to toe, before we leave the house. Nobody wants to head out to an important meeting or exclusive party with a mark on their skirt or, even worse, toilet roll stuck to your shoe! Similarly, most of us use smaller bathroom/bedroom mirrors daily, to shave or apply/remove makeup, so these are important, too.

But statement mirrors go far beyond mere practicality. They are a fabulous way to inject serious style and elegance into a space. They can add texture, light and contrast to any and every room in your home. Statement mirrors are a clever way of making small spaces seem bigger, and illuminating dark corners. Just like artwork, they allow you to express your personality, and enhance your decor by combining function and form.

What makes a mirror ‘statement’, I hear you ask? All sorts of things! It might be the size, the shape, the colour, the frame – even the position it’s in.

Chicmyroom Ultrafragola statement mirror

Chicmyroom takes statement mirrors to the next level with this Ultrafragola Neon Wave model. This version features a remote-operated colour changing function – with seven different shades to choose from! When switched off, the frame reverts to brilliant white

How to choose statement mirrors

There is no one right or wrong formula when choosing statement mirrors. They are intended to draw the eye, so consider the shapes, sizes and styles you like – and where you intend to hang them. Also, ask yourself what you want your mirror to achieve. Do you want to dress up a bare wall, or add energy to a space? Are your tastes classic or contemporary? Does it need to conceal or reveal? My guest room, for example, is pretty compact. So, I wanted a mirror with an understated frame, which would look elegant but not overpowering, and sit well above the fireplace.

“A mirror is functional, decorative art,” declares Origins Living’s Sofia. “It’s a place to check your look, while simultaneously creating a statement in a room. With its reflective surface, a mirror instantly adds an illusion of space and light.”

Barker & Stonehouse mirror

Size isn’t everything. This Gold Decorative Circles Mirror, from Barker and Stonehouse, features a striking design and a stunning gold/champagne metallic finish. It can be hung either portrait or landscape, for maximum versatility

As with all things interiors, location is key. “When positioning a mirror, if possible, think about what reflects into it: a print, drawings, sculpture, flowers,” Sofia explains. “You can also position two mirrors at an angle to give an interesting perspective and reflection.”

Where to hang statement mirrors

Most people assume statement mirrors have to be huge, but small mirrors can also have a big impact within a room scheme. You can even mix and match different sizes and styles to create a mirrored gallery wall. Alternatively, keep the focus on a specific area – above a mantelpiece, say, or above a console table. “To maximise the light in a room, position your mirror where it will catch the most daylight, such as opposite a window,” recommends Audenza Co-Founder and Director Hollie Brooks. “When placed above a console table, a mirror will reflect the objects on it and increase their sense of abundance.”

Audenza statement mirrors

This aged metal Butterfly Mirror from Audenza is a real showstopper! Handmade from iron and glass, the design features an array of butterflies in a variety of different sizes. I love the mix of warm, gold metallics and cool, steely greys

“Mirrors can be a great way to enliven a room,” comments Peter Legg, där lighting’s lead designer, and he adds: “Try layering them vertically and horizontally across the main wall, so that they can help bounce around beams of light, increasing illumination and giving the space a brighter feel.”

Statement mirrors: shapes and styles

Statement mirrors can be many different sizes, and they can also incorporate many different shapes and styles, too. That said, rectangular and round models remain very popular. Remember that the former can be hung vertically or horizontally. The latter help to create a softer, more relaxed look and feel, and also showcase more of the wall that’s behind them (perfect if you’re a statement wallpaper lover, too).

LYSHIA mirror Dars Lighting

Why choose just one statement mirror when four look this good together? This Art Deco-inspired Lyshia Mirror, from där lighting, incorporates four squares surrounding a central round mirror. This pattern repeat creates a striking gallery wall effect, which works wonderfully well with this room’s deep jade/gold colour scheme

Simple frames – or even frameless designs, are usually well suited to contemporary settings. Ornate and elaborate frames are often the perfect complement for a large space or more traditional room scheme.

The beauty of bespoke

If you’re really struggling to find a statement mirror that suits, why not create one from scratch? Joseph McCarthy offers a bespoke design service – sometimes the best solution if you’re after something unique.

“As designers of bespoke, handmade mirrors, our creativity is driven by a passion for making unique, beautiful and eye-catching pieces,” explains Design & Production Manager Scott Murray. “Our clients come to us with an initial requirement or idea, and we guide them through the design process, often with the use of digital projections and photos of previous projects, to arrive at the perfect mirror design for their space.”

Joseph McCarthy Roscoe statement mirrors

Joseph McCarthy’s Roscoe mirror uses both shape and texture to create a dynamic, attention-grabbing feature that perfectly echoes the form of the fireplace and coffee table below it. The mirror’s subtle cream and earthy tones also pair beautifully with the room’s neutral decor

He continues: “We have refined a design approach that looks at three key elements: size, style and finish. Each element is carefully considered in relation to the space, the decor of the setting, and the client’s personal preferences.”

The company has a team of craftsman that use a variety of traditional techniques and materials. Gold, silver and copper leaf gilding, texture and pattern, glazes and coloured clays are all applied by hand to ensure the highest quality of finish. So whatever your vision of a statement mirror looks like, the chances are they have the capability to create it.

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