Statement rugs for your home

Juliette Byrne statement rugs Frenchmans Creek for Matthew Wailes

Winter is coming, so now’s the perfect time to pick some statement rugs to make your rooms feel super cosy. I think these are the ultimate accessory for every discerning homeowner. So, whether you plan to layer up with a rug on carpet or want to simply add one to a wood or stone floor, I think you’ll find the options are almost endless. I’ve added a few in my home and there’s always room for more! Read on as I’ve chosen a striking selection to cosy up your home or project:

Adding warmth to your home

Rug Retailer Atlas Blue statement rugs
I adore the geometric motifs on the Atlas Sky Blue rug designed by Matthew Williamson for The Rug Retailer. This rug has been inspired by the exquisite architecture of Moroccan riads. Densely hand-tufted from New Zealand and Indian wool with viscose detailing, this rug is super-soft with a lustrous sheen, Expect to pay from £395 for a 67cm by 230cm runner

Now let’s start with practicalities as the colder weather really begins to bite. You’ll find a thicker rug will instantly help to insulate your room and, of course, size matters. The bigger this home accessory is, the larger the layer of insulation it will provide, especially on a tiled or hardwood floor. You can expect your rug to trap cool air underneath and it will keep your feet feeling toasty, too. This really is the right time to buy a rug, as it’s getting so much colder.

Statement rugs can also help to soften a more sterile environment – think ultra modern, minimalist living. They literally have the power to pull a scheme together and can provide you with the perfect starting point for a room design. With more than 30 years’ experience working with interior designers, decorators and architects in the luxury market, Matthew Wailes Ltd is one of my clients at Christchurch Creative. They design, produce and install the finest hand and machine-made carpets and rugs. They not only look super gorgeous but designs are made with preserving the planet in mind.

Saving the planet and allergy-free

So, say hello to The Fusion Collection by Matthew Wailes and his team who are based in Chelsea. There are a whole host of patterns and hundreds of colour ways, which are available exclusively to designers. But, what makes these rugs and carpets so special, for me, are their eco credentials and their absolute quality. Matthew tells me: “We are producing every Fusion rug and carpet (both back cloth and pile fibres) with 100% up-cycled fibre, which has been produced from plastic ocean waste.”

Statement rugs Jazz in The Fusion Collection by Matthew Wailes
AD: I just love the Matthew Wailes Jazz rug from The Fusion Collection. The zig-zag pattern is sublime and you can choose a rug or carpet . Matthew Wailes transforms discarded clear plastic waste from the environment into soft, durable yarn. This is spun, dyed and woven to produce every material component in this collection so what’s not to like? POA

There’s more as these bespoke rugs and carpets can also incorporate their unique signature SoteriaAV anti-allergy/anti-viral fibre. Matthew explains: “All SoteriaAV products have been independently tested to ISO18184 in microbiological laboratories both in the UK and USA. Results show that our AV Technology inactivates viruses with 90% + more effectiveness than non-AV products. SoteriaAV textile products use technology, which disrupts the food chain of dust mites. This is the main cause of asthma allergies. AV Technology also prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.” My sister and father both have asthma, so you can imagine this concept could be revolutionary for them.

Style it with statement rugs

I think it’s important to note that statement rugs are an investment. After all, they are likely to be large (and create a focal point), which means you’ll have to factor in associated costs. Statement rugs, by their very name, should play a major part in your room design. They can cover most of the floor and transform this area into a striking work of art underfoot.

Juliette Byrne statement rugs Frenchmans Creek for Matthew Wailes
AD: Designed by Gaby Le Friec at Juliettte Byrne for Matthew Wailes, I think Frenchman’s Creek from The Inspired Collection is such a striking design. Gaby tells me this rug design was inspired by walks along the Helford River in Cornwall during lockdowns and she adds: “Flashes of white waves break against the the dazzling turquoise sea while blurred boys reflect brilliantly on the shimmering water in the distance” POA

Here’s another collection for interior designers, at Matthew Wailes, which I think you’ll love. And, of course, if you’re not a designer, you can always ask the one you are using to source your rugs and carpets here. The multi award-winning interior design studio Juliette Byrne, recently joined forces with Matthew Wailes to create The Inspired Collection. Juliette and her team are keen advocates for promoting sustainability at her design practice. As a result, this eco-friendly collection features sustainable wool and plant fibres, combined with regenerated waste materials. This, in turn, ensures we only leave a small footprint on our natural environment during the production process. This range is incredibly versatile too, as each piece is made to order. So, you can resize and recolour your rug to suit any interiors project you are working on.

Juliette explains: “We wanted to create a range of contemporary, stylish rugs that are practical and easy to clean without contributing to the spiralling issue of plastic pollution, Our hope is that eco-friendly upcycled rugs like our collection will become the norm someday.”

Statement rugs for every room

The reality is different rugs will work with different areas and it’s possible to choose a rug for every room in your home. You’ll just need to consider your options carefully. For example, in a kitchen-diner scenario, statement rugs with machine-washable credentials may suit you – after all, these areas tend to attract higher footfall.

kitchen diner statement rugs Jonathan Adler
Featuring a mid-century modern linear pattern, this graphic Op Art Teal rug, designed by Jonathan Adler, features a mid-Century, modern-inspired linear pattern in teal, mauve, coral and terracotta. But what really makes it a great choice for a high-traffic area, such as a kitchen diner, is that it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant and machine-washable. Made to order, this is a polyester rug with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier and a .3mm thick pile. It’s lightweight and prices start from £109 for a 60cm by 90cm version from Ruggable

For a bedroom, imagine an area rug which is deep pile, thick and textured, which you can sink your toes into as you step in and out of bed. In a hallway, a runner can help to draw the eye from the entrance leading to other rooms in your home.

Runners rule

Jenna Kane, Product Development at Kersaint Cobb tells me: “Runners made from 100% Sisal are practical flooring solutions as they are hardwearing and stain resistant; making them perfectly suited to stairs and hallways. Stripes add visual interest to the floor. For those tight on space, it’s worth remembering that linear stripes can help to enlarge the appearance of a space; the stripe draws the eye along the design and therefore appears to elongate the area. 

When paired with neutral walls and furnishings, a playful runner can be made into an attractive focal point. They are an ideal way to experiment with pattern on a smaller scale. Because they don’t cover the entire floor area, you can introduce some vibrant colours and pattern without an over-bearing result. Striped designs have the added bonus of not showing as much dirt as a plain single coloured alternative. This is important to consider for staircases, because they typically have heavy foot traffic. The hallway and staircase is often the first thing you see when entering a home. So, it’s important that your choice of flooring reflects your personal style and taste.”

I absolutely love this gorgeous statement runner from Kersaint Cobb . From the Morocco Runners collection, Tetouan is made from 100% sisal, which makes it incredibly hard-wearing and it’s priced from £68 per linear metre

Area rugs

Put simply, an area rug covers one section on a floor. You can use this to define a particular space, such as a living room. You’ll want yours to be large enough to fit under the front legs of furniture, such as a sofa, and other key pieces in this space. Really think about the size of the statement rug you’re considering. Will it come into contact with your door? Is it large enough so you can walk on it comfortably if you’re planning to place it in a walkway? Consider how far beyond your furniture you’d like your area rug to extend. The same advice applies to whichever rug style you choose.

Looking for extra comfort underfoot? Then buy Loaf’s gorgeous Shaggy rug, from £245, handmade with traditional pit loom using specially dyed yarns in a wool and viscose mix, showcased here in natural for a laid-back statement rug with bags of style

Layering rugs on carpet

Today, I’m just going to touch on this subject…I think layering an area rug on to top of a wall-to-wall carpet is a good thing. For me, it made perfect sense to do this in our master bedroom when the husband decorated here, for the first time since we moved into our project home. However, we were left with the original, unsightly carpet. And, we didn’t want anyone coming in to fit one during that first lockdown.

In the master bedroom, the carpet is a sandy colour. I chose an emerald green rug to tie in with a velvet chair, cushions and blanket in the same main colourway. As you can see, statement rugs like these can complete the overall aesthetic in a room. They can really bring the design together. I chose plain on plain so it’s really the colour, which distinguishes it from the carpet.

Ascot Rug from Rugs UK
AD: I’m so impressed with Rug UK’s area Ascot rug, which takes centre stage in our master bedroom. Made with wool bordered with viscose, this was hand-woven in India. This rug measures 200cm by 290cm and costs £559

Patterned or plain statement rugs

Your choice will probably depend on your own personal preference. A patterned rug can instantly create a focal point and anchor a room. From striped to geometric, this should come down to your personal style and patterned statement rugs can add personality to a neutral room. Patterned rugs can instantly add depth. In fact, a longer pattern, such as a vertical stripe, could make a room appear to be longer.

The circular Concentric Rug designed by Niki Jones from Swoon adds an eye-catching focal point in any room. Hand-tufted using 100% New Zealand Wool, this rug, £619, 150cm diameter, showcased here in ash grey and chartreuse, is produced in India and carries the GoodWeave label. This requires specialist rug cleaning

Patterned statement rugs also make a great choices where footfall is inevitably high. After all, they are less likely to show up any muddy foot or paw prints…something I need to keep in mind with all my walking and two rescue cats from the Cats Protection League. I chose a patterned statement rug for our garden in the summer. However, I cleaned it then recently brought it inside to my living room and I think this style really pops for winter! I’d love to show you but am unable to at the moment as our living room redesign is a work in progress.

Plain versions can still be statement rugs if you choose the right colour, so it contrasts with the flooring underneath. These statement rugs can make a room look bigger and can balance out elements in the space. Consider a textured finish to instantly add more depth. My master bedroom rug above provides the perfect example.

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