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Best bath oils for spa bath

Is there anything this pandemic hasn’t changed? Before COVID came, I was 100% Team Shower. Baths were for Other People. Showers were fast, refreshing and, as far as I was concerned, the only way to wash. Fast-forward 12 months or so, and I have had a complete change of heart. My bath is now my spa, my sanctuary, and my regular route to relaxation. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sinking into a warm, scented tub, and letting the cares of my day dissolve away. This means, of course, that I’ve had to update my cosmetics collection. Before Covid, I had no shortage of shower gels, but my pampering portfolio has since required a significant upgrade. Read on to discover the best bath oils I have treated myself to in the past few months. Best of all, everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

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No Secrets Bath Jelly Aroma One And Aroma Four

If you’re after something deliciously different, I recommend No Secrets Bath Jelly. You massage it into dry skin before bathing, to stimulate circulation and relieve tension. Cleverly, the heat from your body warms the jelly, releasing its fragrance. There are two versions: Aroma One and Aroma Four. Then you simply sink into your bath, and the jelly dissolves into one of the best bath oils I’ve ever experienced. This Bath Jelly is priced at £45 for six 15ml jars, each of which contains enough jelly for one bath.

No Secrets Bath Jelly
The No Secrets packaging is so pretty

I would describe Aroma One as fresh yet warming; Aroma Four is more sensual and relaxing. The big advantage of these bath jellies is that they leave the water feeling silky, never greasy. My skin feels super soft and nourished afterwards, and I think they help to ease any muscle soreness too. I also enjoy the two-step process – it reminds me of spa stays and aromatic massages. And  I must say, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for gifting if you can bear to give them away!

No Secrets oil
This different, one-of-a-kind bath jelly is applied to your body before you bathe. It then melts into a therapeutic bath oil that leaves skin feeling smooth and muscles soothed

Verdant Alchemy Retreat Bath & Shower Oil

Verdant Alchemy has been another brilliant discovery in my quest to source the best bath oils. The Retreat Bath & Shower Oil is now my go-to weekend indulgence. It’s ideal if you’re keen to create a spa-like experience at home. Formulated to help you relax and unwind, this oil combines calming lavender with uplifting ylang-ylang and sustainable ho-leaf essential oils. In short, it smells divine! It’s also rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids, which nourish and soothe skin. If you’re really not a bath person, you can use it in the shower too. Simply smooth a handful over your body, and inhale deeply!

Verdant Alchemy Retreat Bath (& Shower oil) is priced at £42 for 100ml. Yes you can use it in the shower too! As with other products that contain certain essential oils, it’s not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Verdant Alchemy Retreat best bath oil
If, like me, you’re missing your usual spa treatments, it’s well worth investing in this indulgent bath oil. I’m using it regularly at weekends and it really does help me to relax and unwind

Olverum Bath Oil

If you’re having trouble sleeping (and frankly, who isn’t?) Olverum is one of the best bath oils to use before bedtime. Described by The Sunday Times Style Magazine as ‘bath nirvana’, it has an established celebrity following that apparently includes royalty. It’s won a whole host of awards, and I can completely understand why. This formulation has remained largely unchanged for almost 90 years, and as they say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

I can physically feel myself relaxing after just one whiff of this aromatherapeutic formula. It contains 10 pure essential oils, all carefully blended to work synergistically. They really do act fast to relieve stress and help you achieve a great night’s sleep. I also find it helps to ease any muscles that are sore or aching after exercise. After soaking in this my body feels restored, my mind is serene and skin silky-soft. Olverum Bath Oil is priced at £36.50 for 125ml, which is enough for around 25 baths.

Olverum best bath oils landscape
Slip more easily into sleep with this award-winning bath oil. It’s a real cult favourite among the beauty cognoscenti – and rumour has it even royalty approves!

Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence

A long indulgent bath is often my reward for completing a challenging workout. I’ve discovered that Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence is perfect for a post-Pilates boost, or indeed any daytime dip. I absolutely love the uplifting lemon scent! It’s so fresh and invigorating.

This is one of the best bath oils I’ve used in combination with a brush massage, to firm and tone the skin. So it’s a good choice if you’re prone to cellulite. I like the light moisturising effect too, courtesy of sunflower oil. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue so you can get dressed straightaway. Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Bath Essence is priced at £17 for 100ml.

Dr Hauschka lemongrass
 If you’re in need of inspiration to get you through a tough workout, this is the bath oil for you! It’s light, fresh and invigorating – ideal for daytime dips, and after any type of exercise

Slow Ageing Essential Bath Oil

In one way or another, most of us have had to decelerate significantly this past year. So my new Slow Ageing Essential Bath Essence is bang on-trend! This anti-ageing bath oil is designed to top up mental and physical energy levels, and renew and replace skin cells. It features rosemary to counter anxiety, and hazelnut oil to moisturise. You can either add a capful to your bath, or enhance the effects by massaging into your skin pre-soak. I much prefer the latter. This oil does take a while to sink in, so this is one of the best bath oils to use before bed. Don’t be put off though! You’ll wake with silky-soft, moisturised skin. Slow Ageing Essential Bath Essence is priced at £51 for 100ml.

Slow Ageing bath essence
I’m a big fan of this brand, which promotes ageless beauty. This is one of the best bath oils to try if you’re keen to slow the signs of ageing

Angela Langford Spice of Life Natural Body Wash

As much as I enjoy baths now, I realise not everyone is a convert – plus there are times when only a shower will do. So, joining my collection of best bath oils is this Angela Langford Spice of Life Natural Body Wash with lemongrass, ginger and cardamom. Inspired by the brand founder’s travels around Thailand, this natural body wash is uplifting and invigorating, but gentle enough for my sensitive skin. The formula uses natural cleansing agents, and lathers really well. Some shower gels leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable, but this one doesn’t. And I must say I love the scent of it – so fresh and zesty!  This body wash is priced at a positively bargainous £16.50 for 250ml, so you can use it liberally too. I’ll let you into a secret too…you can also use it in the bath!

Angela Langford body wash
Die-hard shower fans, this one’s for you! I love, love, LOVE the fresh, invigorating fragrance of this body wash. If you’re watching the pennies, it’s an absolute bargain, too

AD:- These oils and body washes have been gifted for me to produce this blog and choose my favourites.

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