Colourful kitchens: the latest trends

pink and teal kitchen

When it comes to creating a dream kitchen design, the colour you choose will be paramount. In fact, colourful kitchens are all the rage so why not express yourself with an injection of the perfect shade or two in your hub of the home? I love adding accents of colour to my home, so a colourful kitchen area for me has been so important. After all, this can lift your mood and make the space feel instantly more welcoming.

Colourful kitchen cabinets

There are all sorts of ways in which you can add colour to an open-plan kitchen design. However, one of the most obvious ones for me is with the cabinets. You can even choose more than one colour to differentiate certain areas. So, perhaps choose one shade to define a central island from the base cabinets or even the wall units in another colour. Colourful kitchens are for those who are looking to add an element of fun to a more luxurious design. However, don’t let a bright, bold colour palette put you off as a more restrained tone can still work wonders in your home.

My colourful kitchen design
Pic: I absolutely love my stunning Caple kitchen called Harptree features Shaker-style doors in classic blue and pale grey. In-frame kitchens start from £15,000

My kitchen design

I chose classic blue for my own Caple kitchen base and wall units (discounted) with a pale grey for the island unit. In this open-plan design, I was looking for a more formal setting with a more restrained colour palette. So, this way, I could splash out more in my dining and living area with furnishings and accessories. I think these colours work wonderfully with the style of the units, which are classic Shaker. However, I will be revealing more about my colourful kitchen in a future blog post, so watch this space!

Harvey Jones modern colourful kitchen Linear
Pic: Add a pop of colour to your home with this gorgeous bespoke Harvey Jones kitchen. Their Linear style provides a modern finish with kitchens starting from £20,000

Colour pop kitchens

A solid block of colour can instantly lift a kitchen and, in some cases, the bolder the better. If fuschia pink is your thing, why not add it to your island unit to create the wow factor in your design? Choosing cabinetry in both a striking colour and more muted shade can instantly lift a room. The key is to feature a neutral floor, as will help to create more of a balance.

Colour clash kitchen
Pic: What an amazing colour clash kitchen? The Sagres vinyl flooring’s pretty snazzy too from the Bubblegum and Liquorice collection, from £16 per sq m from Avenue Floors

Colour clash kitchens

If you love a sense of absolute vibrancy in your kitchen, why not inject more than two colours? Colourful kitchens these days can embrace every shade! I think this sort of style can suit a family kitchen ever so well for a sense of vibrancy in the hub of the home. After all, your kitchen shouldn’t look bland and feel boring as this is the one room in the home you’ll spend most of your time in. And of course, during the current situation, giving your kitchen area a lift with colour could be just what you need.

Colourful kitchen chopping boards
Pic: I love adding colourful accessories to my kitchen – these chopping boards come from Joseph Joseph

Kitchen accessories

Of course, you can always add colour to your kitchen with accessories. In my kitchen, I have a Joseph Joseph chopping boards set – each board is a different colour and I love it. I’ve also added splashes of colour with one of their retro-style bottle tops glass chopping boards. I think you’ll agree these pops of colour make a great contrast against the marble-effect slimline worktop.

Open-plan kitchen with colourful chairs
Pic: Why not pick some bold colourful chairs, which you can easily replace, to add colour to your open-plan kitchen?

Colourful open-plan kitchens

In an open-plan kitchen, you’ll find there’s a lot more room to work different shades into this area. Whether you choose to add a splash of colour on the chairs in the your dining area or perhaps the cushions on your sofa, there are all sorts of options you can try. Of course, when it comes to soft furnishings and accessories, these will be far easier to replace when the time comes that you’re looking for a different colour way.

Davenport colourful kitchen in green
Pic: The industrial-style Shoreditch kitchen from Davenport is a beauty and features hand-painted solid oak cabinets finished in Little Greene’s Obsidian Green. Davonport kitchen furniture starts from £18,000

Now, green is one of the latest colours which are proving a hit for the colourful kitchen and I can see why. This is one of my favourite colours (along with pink and blue) and an emerald tone is so luxurious. This fresh, sophisticated shade is perfect if you’re looking for a tone with a connection to nature. However, there are plenty of other shades to choose from, from lime green to more subtle hues. I think green can be a great way in which to make your kitchen feel more organic.

Pastel blue kitchen from Kitchens International
The Callerton Sandown painted kitchen in pastel blue from Kitchens International looks so pretty in this Edwardian townhouse. Prices start from £15,000

Blue is still a strong contender on the kitchen front and I’m a big fan of blue. Popular colours tend to be more mid-range for a more modern finish, however pastels look absolutely gorgeous in a traditional kitchen.

Pink is another popular tone however you get to choose how vibrant or subtle you want it to be. This season, it seems every tone of pink is in vogue in the home and I tend to prefer the more dusky tones. When you choose your colour, it’s best to really think whether you’ll be able to live with it in years to come. After all, buying a kitchen is a serious investment and you’ll probably need a design, which will stand the test of time.