Guest bedroom ideas: my spare room makeover

Guest bedroom ideas transformed my spare room

When the husband and I moved into our Edwardian property five years ago, every room needed some extra love, including this tired guest bedroom. In here, I wanted to create a cosy space, which would give every guest a really good night’s sleep. So, this year I began carefully curating a collection of guest bedroom ideas, which I felt would energise this compact space.

Choosing the colour palette

Emerald green is a firm colour favourite of mine and I thought this shade would provide the perfect backdrop. I chose a colour match for Farrow & Ball’s Duck Green from Brewers and contrasted this with Farrow & Ball’s Wevet on the woodwork, ceiling and original fire surround. The husband and I had already used Wevet in our master bedroom, so we knew what to expect colour-wise. I love choosing colours for any room makeover so, you can imagine, choosing the paint for the guest bedroom ideas was so satisfying. Then the husband began the part I find rather laborious; the painting! However, he has a lot more patience than me and I knew he would pay meticulous attention to detail.

Guest bedroom before shot
Our guest bedroom today is a far cry from the blue room we saw when we first viewed the property

Contrasting paint colours

As this is a guest bedroom, I felt more confident with my colour choices and I wanted to explore ways in which to incorporate different shades. With the paint, I chose the off-white shade for the ceiling because I felt this would open up the space and contrast well with the dark colour on the walls. And using this same shade, which differs from the walls for the woodwork, draws more attention to the architectural details in our characterful home. If you’re looking for guest bedroom ideas for your period property, I think this style really is worth considering.

Guest bedroom makeover with sofa bed open
I chose a strong contrast between the paint on the walls and the paint for the woodwork and fireplace

Choosing a bed or sofa bed

Unfortunately, space comes at a premium in our Edwardian home. We previously put an old double bed in this space, which filled the room, so we knew it was time to replace this with a sofa bed. However, comfort would be vital for our guests to get a good night’s sleep and I felt that a pull-out model would suit our needs. Naturally, the mattress type would be important – pocket-sprung versions tend to be more luxurious than open springs, for example. Size was a key factor to consider, not just for the sleeping area, in order to sleep two. I would also need to carefully consider the dimensions for the piece of furniture to make sure it would fit into our home.

Sofa bed guest bedroom ideas

Choosing the sofa bed was initially my main priority and I eventually found a design in a gorgeous colour, which I loved (from another brand). Just to be clear, this was not Sofology, who actually came to our rescue (more to follow on this below)! So, back to the original design… this would be hand-made in a beautiful dusky pink and my first goal was to make sure the furniture would fit. Common issues, when delivering sofa beds, can be tight doorframes, hallways and staircases. I measured every inch of our house to work out how we could ensure this piece of furniture would reach our guest bedroom.

guest bedroom ideas showing sofa bed open
I knew space would be tight in our Edwardian home – don’t forget to measure your doorframes, hallway and staircase in your home if you’re looking for a new sofa bed. Also, check if the delivery team is in-house and therefore used to delivering heavy, awkwardly shaped furniture

Our narrow Edwardian semi

Our home is incredibly narrow and I discovered the initial sofa bed I had chosen would have to come through our living room window. It would also take a long time to arrive because it would be made to order. I knew this sofa couldn’t fit through our front door or pass through our tight hallway from the back of the house, due to its dimensions. So, I checked with the manufacturer that this wouldn’t be a problem and I was assured they would be happy to deliver through the window. You may find this becomes one of the most important guest bedroom ideas you should factor in, when you work on your project.

Guest bedroom ideas transformed my spare room
We managed to sort out the delivery problem we had thanks to Sofology and their gorgeous Islington 3-seater sofa bed

Sofa delivery issues

Delivery day came and I was so excited! However, the drivers then told me they could not deliver through the window because they were not insured to do this. You can imagine my disappointment. I called the manufacturer who said they had not realised this would be an issue as they had just began working with the delivery company. So, when you are looking for a substantial piece of furniture, I would check whether their delivery process is in-house. If their furniture is delivered this way, I think this potential set-back will be less likely.

So, to cut a long story short, the delivery drivers then tried to bring the sofa through the back of our house, which I said I didn’t think would be possible. After marking the walls in our hall, which still bear the scars (!), they eventually agreed the sofa bed was not coming in. So, the husband and I were back to square one. This piece of furniture was one of my most carefully considered guest bedroom ideas. So, I had to begin researching other companies from scratch and basically had to start again. All in all, the whole sofa bed process has therefore taken months and months but, as you can see, we got there in the end!

Creative colour-matching

Pink wardrobe guest bedroom makeover ideas
Victory Colours colour-matched a piece of fabric I supplied to them to create this dusky pink shade on our wardrobe

While I was waiting for the sofa bed to be ready, I had decided to colour-match our existing wardrobe with this piece of furniture and eco-friendly Victory Colours are experts at this service. Then I discovered their paints only feature cruelty-free products too, which instantly appealed to me. If you read the beauty section on my blog, you’ll see I only buy cruelty-free skincare, from cleansers and moisturisers through to perfumes and make-up. And, I have to admit, I didn’t realise this was an issue with paint.

Colour perfection

At Victory Colours, you can already choose from a comprehensive collection of paint colours for your home. However, if you’re looking for something slightly different, they can mix and deliver your matched paint within three days. This brilliantly quick service won’t cost you more and their paints are deeply pigmented. So, this means you can benefit from a beautiful finish featuring exceptional quality and opacity, which is durable, colourfast and washable. They are also virtually VOC-free with an ultra-low odour and they’re solvent-free. I chose a 2.5l pot of wood and metal paint primer and provided a fabric sample of the exact colour I wanted to match with the original sofa bed. Victory colours then delivered the primer with a 2.5l pot of metal eggshell in the exact matching shade.

Guest bedroom ideas for updating furniture

Guest bedroom ideas with painted wardrobe
I love this new paint colour Victory Colour created for this wardrobe. I picked the bee handles from Ava Rose Interiors. These instantly add gold detailing, with a nod to nature, on the wardrobe doors

I didn’t feel we needed to replace our existing wardrobe because it fitted the space in our guest bedroom perfectly. So, instead, the husband and I gave this piece of furniture a new lease of life with a quick makeover. Once the husband had painted this wardrobe, I added a further update. I sourced these adorable little gold bee handles from Ava Rose Interiors at Alder Carr Farm in Needham Market, Suffolk. She sells vintage furniture, re-upholstery and an exquisite collection of home accessories. So, if you’re ever in Suffolk, it’s a great place to visit – there’s a good cafe next door, too. I absolutely love the wardrobe now – the colour looks divine and matches our blush and gold velvet shade from Cox & Cox perfectly (sadly no longer available). It doesn’t match the sofa bed we have now but, as you can see, this isn’t a problem.

Sofa bed solutions

Side view of sofa bed from Sofology
I love our new Islington 3 seater sofa bed, priced from £1,399, from Sofology – the ribbed detailing adds a more creative finish to this blush velvet design

At this point, we still didn’t have a sofa bed to replace the one we had planned for this room. However, after extensive research and a visit to Sofology, the husband and I found the perfect solution. I would definitely recommend trying any form of bed before you buy. The husband and I both laid on the sofa bed mattress and it felt really comfy. Sofology’s delivery service is in-house, too, which instantly gave me peace of mind. Of course, it would need to fit and, this time, I found a sofa bed with a slightly smaller frame, which I knew would fit through our front door! You can imagine, I didn’t want any issues to arise after our initial setback. Again, comfort would be of paramount importance and this model came with a Hypnos deluxe mattress.

Sofa bed guest bedroom ideas with Islington 3 seater from Sofology
The finish on this sofa bed looks different in varying light, which gives it character

Patience (what’s that?!) would have to be a virtue of course, because the Islington 3 seater sofa bed we chose would be made from scratch. But obstacles, such as this, tend to be inevitable with any room makeover. It just means everything can take far longer than you initially anticipate. Thankfully, once the sofa bed was eventually ready, the delivery service was painless and, before we knew it, this piece of furniture took pride of place in the room. The colour, Sleek Blush All Over, is much lighter than our initial choice but I think it complements the room, and other pieces of furniture, perfectly. I’ve added a pair of Flamingo cushions in emerald green velvet from Elizabeth Scarlett to complement the sofa bed and walls.

Choosing the bed linen

Guest bedroom ideas white bed linen
I adore the attention to detail with white satin embroidery on this chic, white bed linen

When we have guests to stay, it’s really important that they feel super-cosy. So this meant I would need to choose luxurious bed linen. Essentially, I was looking for experts in natural and sustainable linens for our guest bedroom. Then I came across The Fine Cotton Company. Their mantra ‘you deserve the best night’s sleep’ instantly appealed to me. Made from the finest cotton, I chose the Lexington 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen bed linen collection. This encompasses a duvet cover and pillowcases, which feature embroidered white satin stitching for an elegant finish. For future reference, this washes really well, too. Then, to complete the look, I hand-picked The Fine Cotton Company’s Madison cotton throw in dusky pink, which ties in with the wardrobe and light-shade above and adds a tonal variation with the sofa bed.

Madison throw on sofa bed
The bedding you choose really does make a difference when it comes to impressing your guests. I love my Lexington 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen bed linen collection. This cosy look is complete with the Madison throw, all from The Fine Cotton Company

Essential new furniture

Creative cabinet

Guest bedroom ideas Indian inspired cabinet
The Indian-inspired cabinet, £725, from MM Interiors provides the perfect place to store more clothes and add prized display pieces to the top

Of course, new pieces of furniture would still be vital in this new guest bedroom makeover. After all, we needed space for more storage and areas for display pieces within this room. So, a closed cabinet with shelves would form another of my key guest bedroom ideas. I worked closely with MM Furnishings & MM Interiors on this because I was looking for an individual piece, which would complement the new room design. They cleverly sourced this Indian-inspired cabinet for me, which provides ample storage and I love the rich, textured wood finish.

Detail shot of Indian inspired cabinet
Attention to detail is everything in interior design and I love this pattern on my new cabinet

This family-owned business offers a hands-on approach, providing competitively priced, design-led tailored furniture collections for homeowners (developers, landlords and estate agents). Their sister brand, MM Interiors, also gives you the chance to work closely with an interior designer to suit your style whatever your price point. As a result, you can benefit from an individual look and feel in your home.

Marble-topped nest of tables

Marble topped tables with brass legs
I love my marble-topped nest of tables, £295, from MM Interiors. On top, I’ve placed an artificial Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Jonathan Adler Full Dose porcelain coasters (from a set of four), £85

I was also looking for a luxurious nest of tables – I think you already know how much I love marble. So, MM Interiors sourced a striking nest of tables topped with this beautiful stone for me. With delicate veining, this piece features brass legs, which complement these elegant pieces of furniture. These are ideal if I want to sit on the sofa reading a good back wit a cup of tea to hand or for guests, who may want to place a glass of water at the end of their ‘bed’ over night.

Nest of gold tables guest bedroom ideas
I love the brass detailing on these beautifully made marble tables

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Docklands mirror Origins Living
My Docklands mirror in brushed brass, 600mm Dia, £195, from Origins Living has instantly added a striking design dimension to my guest bedroom

In this project, one of my design goals was to feature a collection of statement pieces for the walls. I knew our Edwardian fireplace would automatically provide a focal point on one wall. However, I also wanted to maximise natural light in this space.

Docklands mirror guest bedroom ideas
This mirror features a stunning brushed brass frame, which ties my luxurious bedroom scheme together. The butterfly is a Plant Animal, which comes from Another Studio. This mirror is circular – the oval shape you see here is an optical illusion!

I saw an opportunity to open up the room and add more depth to the design with a mirror from Origins Living. The Docklands mirror in brushed brass offers an overall feeling of cohesion in this space with striking reflections from the opposing wall, which showcases distinctive artwork. I was looking for curvaceous guest bedroom ideas and this circular mirror instantly met my brief. Origins Living is renowned for personally choosing or designing each piece, from mirrors to storage solutions, for the bathroom and other rooms in the home. So, this mirror is incredibly versatile and can be used in a bathroom too, because it’s moisture-resistant.

Mantel decor guest bedroom ideas

Guest bedroom ideas fireplace and wardrobe and shelves
I enjoyed creating a display on the mantelpiece in our guest bedroom

Below the mirror, I wanted to combine a variety of accents to transform the mantelpiece into a display area. I chose a 60cm artificial foxtail grass (with a pink Vibes fold planter) from Blooming Artificial. This helps to link the fireplace to the mirror, which reflects the grass beautifully. I’ve matched the pink planter to a Rainbow Mini Canvas Painting by artist Adelle Catford. She is based in Brighton and she produces abstract modern art rainbow paintings, featuring interior emulsion paints. I’ve owned ‘Brian the snail’ for years and can’t remember where he came from! I added the Gold ‘Rock On’Hand from Audenza for a funky vibe, which complements the original Fender guitar we have hung on one wall.

Picture perfect

Guest bedroom ideas with artwork
Autumn Mists, £285, (left) creates a seamless connection with my love of nature in the guest bedroom. The other artwork (right) comes from Print Club London

I won this striking artwork (left) in the white frame in an Instagram competition and I absolutely love it. When I found out I had won it, I knew exactly where this had to go. This prized piece comes from Studio Graphite. The multi-disciplinary art studio is known for creating bespoke artwork collections for interiors. Autumn Mists, signed by the artist, Louise Seabrook, was developed from a set of original water colours, that evoke the atmospheric effects on a still autumn day. Imagine heavy damp air, still water and golden leaves. The other artwork is a limited edition screen-print from Print Club London. I sourced this many years ago and I think it adds a mesmerising presence in this room with a vibrant use of colour across the canvas.

Making a display

Abigail Aherne statue
My Bozeman sculpture relaxes on my Dior and Chanel books

I wanted to make a display on top of the Indian-inspired cabinet from MM Interiors. So, I chose some key pieces from Abigail Ahern. The contemplating Bozeman sculpture is hand-crafted in cement and this adds a textural element to this area. I also love the Zebra print tray. This provides the perfect place for placing jewellery before bedtime.

Abigail Aherne zebra tray
My Zebra tray from Abigail Aherne provides the perfect place for jewellery

Shelf life

Shelves guest bedroom ideas
I have introduced a collection of accessories to jazz up our existing shelving!

These quirky shelves were already there when we moved in. So, we added depth and interest to this space with a collection of accessories. This includes the Taso scultpure and Winnie Votives (currently sold out) from Abigail Aherne. I also hand-picked a set of four gold insects from Olive & Sage. I’m a huge nature lover and these cast iron sculptures, which are finished in gold, add to this room’s decor.

Botanical print
A nod to nature adds a personal touch from me and more interest to this guest bedroom

The mini artwork is a botanical art print, Dioon Edule, from independent plant-loving company Another Studio. In fact, I’ve added a selection of ‘Plant Animals’, designed in a brass finish, to the faux greenery in this room. You may catch a glimpse of the Plant Animal Butterfly or the Plant Animal Iguana. These make lovely little additions, which are etched in brass with exceptional attention to detail. You simply wrap their legs around the stem of a plant. Other accessories to note include three gold votives. These match an existing tall vase I picked up along the way from somewhere many years ago.

Another Studio Iguana
Can you spot the Plant Animal Iguana from Another Studio in-situ on my artificial plant? I’ve placed felt pads on the base of the plant pot so this won’t scratch our marble

Additional extras

I was looking for a cost-effective carpet. So the husband and I picked one up from Carpet Right. This one is called Oat from the Twilight Collection and we’re really pleased with it. The artificial Zebra grass from Blooming Artificial on the windowsill adds interest on the window ledge. From here, there’s a view to our kitchen extension roof and the garden. I added the tall artificial Dandelion Grass from Blooming Artificial next to the wardrobe to add definition. This also helps to link this area to the mantelpiece.

Fireplace detailing in my guest bedroom
My faux Dandelion grass comes from Blooming Artificial

A hanging string of pearls on top of the wardrobe creates more depth. And a new curtain pole in an antique brass finish from Poles Direct adds warmth to the window area. I couldn’t find new curtains anywhere. I found out I would have had to order bespoke versions due to the height of the curtain pole. Now this would have meant my guest bedroom makeover project would have taken even longer to come to fruition. So, I decided to keep our existing ones!

Portrait of side of wardrobe and window
Our existing curtains fit in with this scheme and complement the new curtain pole

I’ve already booked my sister in to stay with us shortly. I cant wait to hear her verdict after she has tried and tested our new guest bedroom!

bedroom with sofa bed open
I love our new guest bedroom so much, I’d quite like to move into this room permanently!

AD: Huge thanks to the following brands who have joined me in this task with free and discounted products and have, therefore, kindly contributed to this incredible makeover: MM Interiors/MM Furnishings, Origins Living, Victory Colours, Sofology, The Fine Cotton Company and Another Studio

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