Nine home gym ideas for maximising your workout space & enjoyment

Every room can transform into my own home gym
My own home gym in my kitchen
With a foldable treadmill, you’ll always find a space for a workout and you can simply store it under your sofa after use

I’m pretty sure that the goal to exercise more features pretty highly on most people’s New Year’s resolution wish-lists in January. However, it’s well known that a high percentage of all resolutions tend to fall by the wayside by February. So, I think when it comes to fitness, it’s key to create realistic goals and consider how best to balance these with the realities of everyday living.

Location, location

The more your fitness goals match your lifestyle, the better chance you’ll have of sticking with them. And, for me, one of the best ways in which I stay fit is by incorporating my workouts within my daily life. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably already know that walking is a big thing for me. However, I also like to vary a workout routine and exercising at home has always been a big thing for me. I know it’s not for everyone but I’m so busy working that I need to grab time when I can without having to factor in a trip to the gym.

Home gym ideas to keep you satisfied

Why not transform any corner of your home into a workout zone? I’ve got some practical at home gym ideas and it’s pretty easy to cleverly adapt your space—whether tiny or spacious—for regular fitness routines without splurging on memberships or bulky equipment. So, I hope you enjoy reading my guide on how to uncover adaptable, space-savvy solutions that cater to your wellness goals and fit seamlessly into your daily life.

What to consider

  • You don’t need a dedicated room for a home gym—get creative and use any space in your home with versatile equipment like yoga mats, punching bags and resistance bands
  • Outdoor workouts like scootering can be refreshing, fun and can complement your fitness regime
  • Use space-saving and versatile fitness equipment to maximise your home gym, incorporate exercises like Pilates for a diverse workout, and don’t overlook the importance of a fitness tracker and proper workout attire

Do you really need a dedicated gym room at home?

My spare bedroom can double up as a home gym
I’ve got my BowFlex weights in my guest bedroom where I can enjoy a workout here with views onto my garden

The truth is, not everyone has the luxury of a spare room to convert into a state-of-the-art gym. Yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t establish your personal workout space. Why do you need a separate gym room when any nook of your house may serve as an effective workout area? From doing Pilates in an open-plan kitchen to having a weights session in a spare bedroom, I find the possibilities are endless in my home.

Making room for gym space

Honestly, limited space should never be a barrier to your fitness aspirations. In fact, it should inspire you to get creative with your home gym ideas. So, with a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and the right exercise equipment, I’m pretty sure you can turn any room into an exercise area. Here are some gym ideas to get you started:

  • Use a yoga mat for floor exercises and stretching
  • Hang a punching bag for boxing or kickboxing workouts
  • Install resistance bands for strength training
  • Set up a small weights bench for weightlifting
  • Add a stability ball for core exercises
  • Use a jump rope for cardio workouts
  • Install a pull-up bar for upper body strength
  • Incorporate wall art or a wall-hung TV that motivates and inspires you during your workouts

And the best part? No more pricey gym memberships or the hassle of commuting to the gym.

Enjoying an outdoor workout

Despite the appeal of home gyms, the invigorating impact of exercising in an outdoor space can’t be denied. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the sounds of nature — it’s a sensory experience that no home gym can replicate and I love it!

If you associate outdoor workouts solely with running and cycling, I think it’s time to reconsider. Ever considered commuting to work on a scooter? Or how about using this method for shopping or a leisurely ride in the park? Not only can it provide a fantastic low-impact workout, but it will also add a fun element to your routine. After all, who said workouts can’t be fun?

My review of the Micro Scooter White

Sarah on Micro Scooter in the park
This scooter is great fun in my local park! It feels super-sturdy, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride and the 32cm length stand plate leaves plenty of room for my feet (I’m a size 7)

Recently, I was given the chance to test-run a foldable scooter and I absolutely loved it. Not only are adult scooters a great way to add some cardio to your routine, but they are also incredibly convenient. You could store yours in a spare room or the cupboard under the stairs, when not in use, making it a practical addition to your ‘home gym’ equipment.

The Original Customisable Low Deck Micro Scooter White feels super-sturdy and it comes with a whole host of features that justify its price tag of £184.95. This kick scooter is brilliant fun to ride and it feels super smooth when you do, too. Don’t worry if you think your skillset won’t cover the ride as it’s really easy to move. You can easily adjust the height of the handle bars, so your model is guaranteed to suit you whatever your height. After use, simply fold it down to a compact 75cmL by 14cmW by 33mmH – wouldn’t this be perfect for commuting?

I chose a sleek white for my kick scooter, however there are other colours to choose from. With large 200mm wheels, this design helps you go further at a faster speed. Thanks to the lower footplate, you’ll find a more stable ride with less impact, too. And this classic version looks pretty cool! Whether you use it for commuting, shopping or just for fun, I think you’ll agree that this Micro scooter is a fantastic investment for the great outdoors.

Micro Scooter White detail shot for home gym equipment
This scooter is so easy to ride and it comes with a little stand to keep it upright. If you’ve got kids, you could buy a model for all the family as they cover ages 12 months+ and even offer stunt scooters too!

Ben Gibson, MD at Micro Scooters tells me: “Using an adult scooter is such an easy (and fun) way to get moving. It provides a low impact way of building strength, endurance and stability for any age and any fitness level. The sleek design and easy folding makes an adult scooter easy to store or transport too.”

How to choose space-saving gym equipment for working out at home

When it comes to home gym equipment, it’s a great idea to check out the selection of space-efficient gear for your home-based exercises. As home gym equipment design continues to evolve, I’m already seeing more and more products that are not only compact but also versatile.

Opt for state-of-the-art hand-held dumbbell weights over lengthy barbells, or consider foldaway walking pads instead of bulky treadmills. The key is to look for fitness equipment that matches your needs, fits your space and offers the features you need. Just remember, a home gym doesn’t have to be a replica of a commercial gym. There simply needs to be space somewhere in your home where you can work out effectively and comfortably.

My review of the Bowflex 552i Dumbbells – 15 weights in one

Space-saving gym equipment for small home gym workouts
The weight selection dials are really easy to use and provide such a wide selection of weights that these will suit all the family

I’ve found one piece of equipment that fits the bill perfectly – these are the BowFlex SelectTech 552i Dumbbells. Imagine having 15 sets of weights condensed into one pair of dumbbells. Sounds convenient, right? These dumbbells offer weight settings ranging from 2 to 24 kg per adjustable dumbbell, providing a wide range of weights to match your strength level and the exercises you’re doing.

Not only are the BowFlex 552i Dumbbells , on offer at the moment for £209 for a single weight on Amazon, compact, but they are extremely easy to use. They are also pretty compact; they won’t take up much space in your home gym set-up. So, if you’re looking for a versatile and space-saving addition to your workout equipment, these free weights are a fantastic choice. You can choose the resistance you require at the turn of a dial. Team it up with the BowFlex SelectTech app and you’ll find this training tool will customise your experience. You can also choose from more than 30 exercises and 80 variations for a fantastic workout.

How to create a workout zone with a gym mat

Creating a workout zone with a gym mat
A rollable workout mat can provide a fantastic cost-effective way in which to enjoy your exercise routine in comfort

Of course, not every exercise necessitates the use of hefty equipment. Some, like yoga and Pilates, just need a good, comfortable mat. A gym mat can easily transform any area of your home into a dedicated workout space. I literally just unroll mine and I’m good to go!

When choosing a workout mat, consider the following:

  • Comfort: You want a mat that’s thick enough to provide cushioning but not so thick that it affects your balance
  • Performance: Look for a mat that offers good grip and stability
  • Portability: Choose a mat that is easy to roll up and store away when not in use

Choosing Pilates for your home gym

My core balance Pilates mat, RRP £29.99 and currently £17.99 in the sale, is 10mm thick and comes in five different colour ways. Its extra thickness reduces impact on my joints and muscles and this one has been designed to be hygienic to use and easier to clean with a closed-cell structure

Pilates, a form of exercise which I absolutely love, comes with so many benefits. Pilates can:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Build muscle strength
  • Promote better posture
  • Increase mental awareness

Incorporating Pilates into your home workout routine is quite simple. All you need is the right mat and perhaps a few additional pieces of equipment, like resistance bands or Pilates balls. And, with numerous online classes available, my favourite is, you can easily follow along at your own convenience.

Why should you consider a walking pad?

Walking pad provides a space-saving alternative
The Body Power WalkingPad, £449, comes with a handy remote control, which you use to alter settings

When considering space-efficient gear, I must mention walking pads. These compact alternatives to traditional treadmills are perfect for those with limited space. Not only are they foldable and easy to store, but they also offer a low-impact workout that can benefit everyone. This is regardless of age or fitness level.

My review of the Body Power Walking Pad

Create a home gym with a space-saving Walking Pad
This compact piece of home gym kit is so versatile, you could even pop it under your desk to use when working from home

As for my personal experience, I was recently invited to trial the Body Power Walking Pad. I think this could be a n absolute game-changer. Now, I love walking in the great outdoors. But, when it’s really cold and dark outside, this could be a great alternative and it’s:

  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Its foldable design makes it perfect for homes with limited space

This piece of kit literally folds in half for super-easy storage and I’m popping mine under a sofa. It also comes with a speed range of 0.5 – 3.72mph (6kph); the top speed is the speed I prefer. You can even track your activity on an app, which provides real time data. Just bear in mind that the Body Power Walking Pad has a weight limit of 100kg and it doesn’t offer any incline options.

I have used my foldable treadmill for walking first thing in the morning before it gets light. This way, I’ve managed to catch up with a Netflix series I’m currently watching – Berlin (a brilliant prequel series of Money Heist). So, it’s been great fun to use and a good addition to my fitness routine. You can also easily keep track of your speed, time, distance calories and steps as you walk – just check out the large LED panel. If you’re looking for a space-saving alternative to a traditional treadmill, this model is definitely worth considering.

What the experts say

Keoghan Bellew, Personal Trainer and Sales Advisor at Fitness Superstore tells me: “Perhaps the biggest advantage of this foldable walking pad is that it’s very compact. The walking pad measures just 5 inches high when folded and has built-in wheels. This means you can quickly and easily slide it under a bed, sofa or desk when not in use.

“Another major selling point of this walking pad is its versatility — there are lots of ways to use it beyond just walking. For example, you can increase the intensity and include an element of strength training by wearing a weighted harness or adding some dumbbell reps while using the walking pad. You can also get creative with some interval training: try walking at your regular pace for two minutes, followed by a very brisk walk for one minute, and repeat for thirty minutes.

“Walking pads also allow you to combine a workout with another activity. This could be working at a standing desk, taking a call, or watching your favourite shows. This means you can quickly and easily turn any usually sedentary activity into low-intensity exercise. It’s the perfect option for those with busy schedules who might otherwise struggle to meet the NHS guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.”

Home gym equipment: foldable trampolines

If you’re a fan of the benefits of strength training and love the idea of combining this with a cardiovascular workout, a trampoline could be just for you. You’ll find there is minimum impact on your joints and you can do a whole host of different manoeuvres from jogging and twisting to skipping. And above all, it’s great fun bouncing up and down!

My review of the Body Sculpture Trampoline

This gets top marks from me in the trampoline category. If you’re tight on space, this model is foldable, which gives more versatility. I simply remove the gorgeous silver cover and fold mine away under our guest bedroom wardrobe when it’s not in use. Fitness-wise, if you choose the right online ‘bounce’ class on YouTube, you’ll find you’ll get your heart and lungs working well, too.

Trampoline in Sarah's home gym
I love my mini trampoline by Body Sculpture. Priced at £60, it’s a highly portable design, which is ideal if you’re short on space and want to include this within your home gym ‘accessories’

Why should you use a fitness tracker?

A fitness tracker is one of my favourite home gym accessories
I make sure I monitor all my daily activities with my Garmin vívomove® Style hybrid smartwatch

What would a home gym be if you’re unable to monitor your exercises? That’s where a fitness tracker comes in. These handy devices not only track your workouts but can also provide the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.

Benefits of a fitness tracker

In addition to tracking workouts, fitness trackers can also:

  • Monitor your overall health, including stress levels
  • Track your sleep patterns
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Remind you to move if you’ve been sitting for too long

So, if you’re serious about your health and fitness, a fitness tracker is a must-have.

My review of the Garmin

My Garmin smart watch was a Christmas present
I chose a blush pink woven nylon band for my watch and there are plenty of different strap styles and colours to choose from

One fitness tracker that I’ve been particularly impressed with is the Garmin vívomove® 3S, £299.99. This was a Christmas present form the husband and I now wish I’d got one years ago. It’s not just a fitness tracker; it’s also a stylish accessory that seamlessly blends in with any outfit so whats not to like?!

This smartwatch combines the look of an analogue watch, which I love. And it comes with all the essential smart features you would expect. It tracks all sorts of activities, such as your heart rate and offers insights into your sleep patterns. You can keep a close eye on your stress levels, which is brilliant. It also connects to your phone to deliver calendar alerts, notifications and basic music controls.

You simply tap the watch face twice and can swipe through to look at your step count, floors climbed and plenty more. It also has a good water-resistance rating, which means you can wear it while swimming and showering. The battery life is around five days if you keep it in smartwatch mode. However, you’ll get an extra week if you have it in watch mode. Plus, it’s customisable for different fitness activities and styles. All in all, the Garmin vívomove® 3S is a perfect blend of style and functionality. My watch face is rose gold and I’ve also chosen a blush pink strap for a more individual finish.

Why is fitness gear important for home gym workouts?

Every room can transform into my own home gym
If you’re looking for some home gym inspiration, why not make sure you’ve got on all the right gear? Here, I’m wearing Sweaty Betty leggings and you’ll find a huge selection here. I’ve topped these with a new Sweaty Betty Breathe Easy Running T-shirt, £55, and the trainers are Cloudflow by On. These have been reduced by 40% so they are only £70!

Lastly, it’s crucial to consider the role of fitness gear. Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you should compromise on your workout attire. In fact, I find that wearing the right fitness gear can make a world of difference to my workout experience. My favourite workout (and summer walking) shoes are from On – they are super comfy!

Proper fitness clothing offers several benefits during workouts:

  • Ensures comfort
  • Helps manage sweat, preventing overheating and skin irritation
  • Allows for flexibility and a wide range of motion, maximising the effectiveness of your workouts

Home gym ideas

So, there you have it — a comprehensive guide to setting up and maximising your home gym. Whether you have a spare room to dedicate to your workouts or just a small corner, there’s no reason why you can’t create a space that motivates you to stay active. Remember, the key is to choose the right equipment, create a comfortable workout zone and, most importantly, enjoy your workouts!

AD: I have collaborated with a number of brands in order to produce this blog. Special thanks go to Fitness Superstore for gifting me the Walking Pad, BowFlex for the SelectTech 552i Dumbbells and Micro for the Original Customisable Low Deck Scooter.

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